Words from the Mixed-Zone: Reactions to Victory in Hannover

Was it pretty?  No, it wasn’t pretty.

Does it matter? No, the three points spend the same, regardless of how they come.

The feeling of relief that ran through all of Planet Effzeh in the wake of Saturday’s 0:2 win at table-bottom Hannover 96 could also be heard in the voices of players and personnel talking to FC-TV in the mixed zone following the match. You can hear some of the captured quotes in the video embedded below, or go to the club’s website to see the nearly nine-minute version (if you are a member, of course).

If you come to this site because it’s one of the places you can sometimes get 1. FC Köln news in English, I’ve put together some of the quotes for you!

Matthias Lehmann

matzeI think it was clear that it was going to be quite a nasty game. We wanted to stand our ground. We definitely wanted to shut them out, something we hadn’t done in a while. We shut them out and scored two, Leo scored two in his old stomping grounds. We won . . . It’s all part of an entire process, so we’re glad that we did win and are happy to take the three points with us.

Surely, it was not a beautiful match to watch, but for us it is enough to have taken the three points. That’s what we absolutely wanted to achieve. That is what we achieved. Hence, we can say that we’re proud that we got the points. 

Peter Stöger

coachWe started the game so poorly. The first twenty minutes was a bit unconvincing . . . Yeah, the last four games with just one point taken didn’t pass without leaving an impression on us. We had played relatively well, but made too little of it . . . Once we had the lead it was good. After the 2:0, you could see how freely they played. You see how important a factor the psyche is in sport. At this point in time, it was an important win for us.

And about playing Bayern next weekend?

There are easier tasks, but we are looking forward to it. We have worked hard to be able to play such a team. It is something special to play against what is possibly the best team in Europe. Realistic football fans wouldn’t speculate that we’re favorites in the game, but we can surprise.

Leonardo Bittencourt


Why are you grinning?

leoBecause before the game in the locker room we were yelling quite loudly about playing “to nil”. That was our primary goal, and then, up front, to use our chances when we get them. We knew that if we were so cold-blooded, so effective up front, it would play in our favor. Because of that, I’m happy for the team. We simply wanted to win the game. You could see that we had a difficult opening phase, but after a 2:0, the team has regained the self-confidence we could have used in recent weeks when we played pretty well, but the points weren’t coming. Nevertheless, it was important that we maintained the clean sheet. Hence, complements to the team.

Have you ever scored three goals in two matches?

(After thinking a moment) Yeah. I once scored three games in a row. So I probably need to score again next week.

How was it, returning to your old workplace?

It was strange yesterday . . . It was two very, very nice years I had here. They gave me the opportunity to play Bundesliga. You never forget that, and that’s why it was nice. It was not an easy feeling, but it was a good feeling to be here.

One against Schalke. Two against Hannover. So, three against Bayern?

(Laughing) NAY!  . . .We have a difficult match before us. We need to regenerate quickly and get ourselves ready for Bayern at home. 

Jörg Schmadtke

That was no tasty morsel of football, speaking truthfully! We are nine points clear of a relegation place; that’s okay. The result should calm a local journalist or two. I’m glad that they’ll be at peace.


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