Twitter Fun with Thomas Kessler

Depending on your German language skills and how closely you follow the official website of 1. FC Köln, you may or may not know that reserve goalkeeper Thomas Kessler has a sense of humor and puts it to good use with his teammates. The “Kess Cam,” which documented the club’s trip to the United States in January 2014 through Kessler’s videography efforts, was a highlight of the Florida Cup. More recently, Kessler and Leonardo Bittencourt were the stars of a Facebook Live event on the club’s Facebook page, goofing around (gute Jeck?) and answering questions from training camp.

But some of Kessler’s best, it appears, is reserved for his personal social-media efforts, particularly his Twitter account.

On Tuesday, former Effzeh midfielder Yannick Gerhardt tweeted about the Germany U21’s 1:0 win over Finland during European Championship-qualification play and added that he was now heading home.

About half-an-hour later, Kessler had a question for his fellow Köln native about the tweet.

“@yannickgerhardt tomorrow no Training in (Wolfsburg), so you are coming to Köln?”

And to hammer the point home, Kess added the hashtag “#homeiswherethedomis”, a commonly used phrase about Köln with a clear reference to the Cathedral which is so emblematic of the hometown of the former teammates.

Kessler 1
Gerhardt 0

Sidebar: “Home es wo d´r Dom es” is a song by local rock band Kasalla. The band has played at the season-opening party in the past, and singer Bastian Campmann has even sat-in on the FC-Stammtischa regular round-table discussion about all matters Effzeh hosted by Ralf Friedrichs and frequently featuring players and personnel from the club as guests.

Definitely check out the Stammtisch if you can understand some German, but DEFINITELY listen to some Kasalla singing about their hometown and dare to get this song out of your head.


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