Timo Horn puts contract-extension talks on hold



Can you blame the kid?

“Currently, Timo would like to wait and see how the 1. FC Köln develops in the Bundesliga,” confirmed sporting director Jörg Schmadtke to SportBild magazine.

Timo Horn has had a lot of success for a 21-year-old keeper, even if the second-division status of the club the last few years makes it a “relative” success when compared to what lies before him. Even if you think the 2. Bundesliga compares favorably with leagues around Europe, it’s unlikely to have properly prepared Horn for what he’s about to see on a weekly basis in Germany’s top division.

That said, he took over a highly visible position at a big club with immense expectations and performed well enough to help the Billy Goats gain promotion and be on everyone’s short list of best performers in the league for the 2013-14 season.

The temptation for some will be to read into this report that Horn is chasing money over club loyalty. That, of course, is nonsense, because top players don’t stay at their club if the money isn’t right. They just don’t. It’s rare, if it happens at all. Hence, OF COURSE, Horn is going to get the money where he can get it.

But the fact remains that Horn could have an outstanding season this coming year and his club could still be relegated.

What I’d take from the ending of extension negotiations is that Horn believes he’s a Bundesliga-level keeper first and foremost. As long as the club survives this first season back in the big time, I’d expect he’ll be only too happy to sign a longer deal to keep him between the sticks at Müngersdorfer for a while.

Okay, maybe if there is another club headed into Champions League in need of a starting keeper, while the Effzeh shows signs that it would be a relegation candidate again in 2015-16 . . . well, I could see the kid taking a fat pile of money and continental glory to further boost his career.

For now, though, let’s not jump to too many conclusions.

Besides, when you list the qualities you want from such a young guy going into his debut season in the Bundesliga, among them you’ll find “confidence.” If Timo is already certain that he is a top-flight keeper, regardless of what happens around him, then all the better for the club this season.

Then again . . . Tim Wiese . . .

We’ll all be best off just waiting to see what happens.

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2 Comments on "Timo Horn puts contract-extension talks on hold"

  1. Like you say he’s got a lot of potential. However, I see it wise for him to sign a new contract for two reasons.
    Firstly it allows him to concentrate on his football, and actually progress. Not get to big headed.
    Secondly, if he does progress well it allows Köln to get more money for him.

    • I think those are fair points, but I still can’t bring myself to worry much about it, much less be upset with Timo over it, even if there’s a possibility he’s just masking a desire to leave.

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