Post-game quotes from the Effzeh

Disclaimer: I am not a trained translator, nor is my German solid enough to know, for sure, that I’m getting everything right. I will not provide any quotes I am not certain are at least reflective of what someone is attempting to convey.

Please enjoy a collection of post-game reactions:

Philipp Hosiner on his equalizer:

hosi post-HSV“I think it was just one minute before that I had played a catastrophically bad pass. Then I thought ‘I need to get myself into the game,” and that was when the nice cross arrived from Jonas and I pushed it across the line.

And then, yeah, I had arrived.”


Leonardo Bittencourt on the comeback effort:

Leo post-HSV“After a zero-to-one deficit and after such a performance in the first half, to come back and find the switch is not so easy. You can see that we, as a team, are united and that we want to win every game.”



Peter Stöger on his guys turning the game around:

hosi post-HSV“It was as we expected. Hamburg was well-organized and did not let get into the game. We didn’t find the right answers. But the team then showed it had the will and faith it could turn the game around.

Anthony Modeste on the outcome:

“It was a tough game. But it’s a good feeling with which we now head into the break.”

Timo Horn on Philipp Hosiner:

Timo post-HSV“His finishing qualities are beyond question; he’s shown that in training. We goalkeepers have had to chase the ball around the area because he leaves you with no other choice. He’s incredibly strong in the 16-yard box. I don’t think it was easy to handle that ball. That was the work of a quality striker. He did well, and we are all happy that it worked out for him.”


Peter Stöger on the high emotions toward the end of the game:

“I believe there was a lot of unrest. Clearly, there was much unrest on the Hamburg bench. That’s to be expected when there is a close call. But despite all that, it was what I love about football. You didn’t notice that Hamburg was down to ten men. They didn’t give up. The guys were on empty, and then the exerted themselves enormously; that’s what makes football.

I think the people were pleased today, at least with the second half and how it ultimately played out.”

Hosiner on the relative value of his goal:

“It was only the 1: 1. I am even more delighted with the winning goal.”

Referee Peter Gagelmann on the controversial penalty:

“The whistle was correct.”

Stöger on the controversial penalty:

“From my vantage point of the scene that led to the penalty, I would not have given it.”

Modeste on the call (while smiling):

“I am not the referee. I felt contact.”

Referee Denis Aytekin on his own call:

“From my perspective, there was contact in the foot and back.”

Stöger upon being told the FC is off to best start in 19 years:

“Something like that will first be of interest to me when it is the best season in 19 years, but I am happy with the points; they do us good.”

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