Kevin Vogt catching looks from Tottenham Hotspur?

Kevin Vogt’s name is the latest one making a trip through the rumor mill, with Tottenham Hotspur the club allegedly considering a purchase.

If Vogt goes, this photo drops below 50% EFFZEH

Tottenham, of course, is a familiar suitor to fans of the 1. FC Köln. Earlier in the year, rumors began circulating that the London-based club would be buying central defender Kevin Wimmer from the effzeh in the summer. By the time the reported €7 million deal came to fruition, everyone had had plenty of time to come to terms with the idea of restructuring the back line.

The Vogt rumors arrive just before the first competitive match of the season, but not without supporting factors.

Despite playing in all but two matches for the club last season, Vogt could be facing a big drop in playing time for 2015-16 season, should he remain in Köln. Between the arrival of several new options in the midfield and Peter Stöger’s apparent shift away from using a double-pivot, Vogt might simply be the odd man out.

With newly minted captain Matthias Lehmann the apparent first choice as the single defensive midfielder, Vogt would likely be left frequently watching from the bench. Even with the prospect of eventually superseding the 32-year-old Lehmann as the number one at the number six, is the 23-year-old willing to take a slight demotion for this season, especially if the world’s most-popular league comes calling from a London address?

Stöger is not one to signal his moves much before making them, but as we saw with Simon Zoller last winter and Miso Brecko last week, he is also not one to stand in the way should a player decide for himself something other than what the club has planned.

Whatever the Vogt camp’s opinion on the matter, they are not yet ready to come forward with it, allowing the lack of denial keep the question open for the time being. Marc L. Merten, in his Geissblog report on the rumor, quotes Vogt agent Tobias Sander as saying, “We don’t engage in these speculations. Kevin’s focus lies currently on his situation with the FC. Everything else plays no role at this time.”

Unlike Brecko’s situation, where the former captain had already seen his job taken by Pawel Olkowski, Vogt has yet to see, for certain, that he will not figure prominently in the club’s season. Between the DFB Cup opening match at SV Meppen Saturday and the first three match days of the Bundesliga campaign, there remains plenty of opportunity before the end of the transfer period to see with more clarity what Vogt’s role shall be. After all, Vogt’s 6 foot 3 inch frame can also be leveraged in a more-offensive position.

Of course, the closer the end of August draws near, the less time Tottenham has to finish their own roster building. Plus, as Merten reports, there may be multiple suitors.

Either the club keeps a player who already proven his value, has a working relationship with all involved, and can feel confident in having a successor ready for a critical position, or a tidy profit is turned on the €1.8 million paid last summer to FC Augsburg to acquire him.

Whatever happens, the 1. FC Köln stands to profit.

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