Effzeh auf Englisch: Roman Golobart Interview with BILD

Roman Golobart flying his new colors (photo: KSTA.de)

I figure odds are the interview was conducted in English, so why not translate it back into English? It never works exactly, but I find Roman Golobart an interesting-enough figure to try to pull it off anyhow.

So, thank you to Bild.de and Ulrich Bauer for this interview with Roman Golobart I humbly attempt to translate for those Effzeh fans who English but not Deutsch:

Golobart without his beard

Perhaps I appeared too dangerous…”

The lad is fun!

FC newcomer Roman Golobart (21) speaks with BILD about his nickname, his guitar sills, and his beard, which he suddenly shaved after the derby.

BILD: Why is the beard gone?

Golobart: “It’s a little game I always play. Sometimes I shave – sometimes I let my beard grow. It depends on wants and mood. Though one FC fan offered that perhaps I appeared too dangerous, which is why opponents like Dresden keeper Kirsten dealt so roughly with me.”

The clean-shaven version of the newest Effzeh center back. (Photo: Andreas Pohl via BILD)

BILD: Are you dangerous?

Golobart: “Not at all. I am certainly an unpleasant opponent, that is my job. But violence on the playing field is absolutely not my thing; I abhor it.”

BILD: As we saw with Kirsten’s use of a wrestling move, you didn’t react at all…

Golobart: “I hope that I can always manage myself in such situations. I think one should control oneself.

I’m honestly not sure that’s legal in wrestling, either. Even the fake kind!

BILD: Tony Ujah called you the FC-Gladiator. Fitting?

Golobart: “Well…I’ve had several nicknames. ‘Gladiator’ is new, but not bad…apart from the fact that for the real gladiators is mostly turned out badly.”

BILD: and your other nicknames?

Golobart: You already know them, right? Let’s just say this: There were some among them that you’d rather not print in a newspaper. And what my girlfriends named me, I’ll also not tell.

BILD: Then tell us, what kind of a gladiator is Golobart really?

Golobart: You’ll laugh, but I’m one who doesn’t care to talk about how he is. I think a lot about football. And, when I don’t busy myself with it, I’m a completely normal person; I like to listen to music, read a lot, or go to the movies.”

BILD: Okay, then we will tell it: You can play the guitar really well.

Golobart: True. But I think I play football better. I’ve written a few songs, but not yet enough for an album.

Stimmt. Aber ich denke, ich spiele dann doch besser Fußball. Ich habe ein paar Songs geschrieben, aber zu einem Album reicht es noch nicht.“

BILD: Have you tried your talents out in the clubhouse?

Golobart: “Even were I a rock star, the clubhouse would be the last place that would happen.

BILD: Additionally, you like to do yoga.

Golobart: Also true. Unfortunately much too seldom. I us it to stay in shape and to think of other things.”

BILD: Did your father, a former player for Espanyol Barcelona, say anything to you before the derby?

Golobart: Me to him? He called me every day leading up to it and told me how gladly he’d trade places with me. He’d give everything to be 21 again and to be able to play in such a match.”

Best image I could find of Joan Golobart Serra. Looks like a footballer to me!

BILD: And how was it?

Golobart: The derby was the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced, and I was at an English FA-Cup final. What I experienced here in the derby was just unbelievably impressive.

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