Effzeh auf Englisch: Adam Matuschyk Interview with BILD

I’m getting the impression these brief chit-chats with players is something Bild does regularly.

They’re not horribly deep or intense, which makes them the perfect target for some sharpening of my translation skills.

Plus, I’m on the record as having Matuschyk among my favorite players, so…

Again, with apologies to Bild and Ulrich Bauer, here’s my translation into English an interview they posted with Adam Matuschyk.

Where are the leaders?

FC coach Peter Stöger called for his stars to take on the role. In BILD, Adam Matuschyk (24) presents himself before his international match with Poland and admits to the critics, “I must and want to take on more responsibility.”

Returning to national duty this week. Congratulations!

BILD: Mr. Matuschyk, are you glad to again be in the national team?

Matuschyk:Definitely. That was my big goal. And our National team coach puts a lot of emphasis on his players being regularly used in their clubs. I am glad that I achieved it and am back again.

BILD: You were not with the internationals for nearly a year. How difficult was the time fighting for a regular place? Also with FC?

Matuschyk:Not easy, especially at first. Naturally, I was disappointed. My ambition was to play regularly. But I never doubted that I would again achieve it, if I work hard.

BILD: Under Peter Stöger you were last set to take on a more-offensive role…

Matuschyk:But that is no problem. On the contrary. This way I can try to be more offensively dangerous and reach a definitive conclusion. I also hope I succeed in that that soon.

BILD: The lack of goals from the midfield has been mentioned by Stoeger.

Matuschyk:We must work on that, at any rate. Every good team which wants to at the top of the table can not live only off goals from their forwards, but also off the danger from the midfield.

BILD: The coach has called for leadership from players, from whom more must come. Does this refer to you?

Matuschyk:That must be my goal and the next step in my development at FC. Ultimately, at 23, I am no longer among the youngest and have already been around for a while. I want to take on more responsibility and know that I also need to be louder. I put myself forward for it.

Not a kid anymore, Adam.

BILD: Did the Paderborn shock come at perhaps the right time?

Matuschyk:One can only hope, although we’d have preferred not to experience such a game. If you want to find something good in it, then, at most, it’s that now everyone knows what is important. We know from last year, how hard can it be after a poor start. Therefore, we must prevent another.

BILD: Must one think about goals of promotion?

Matuschyk:You just must not talk so much about it. Naturally, it is our big goal, but a season is long. We should first see to the business of experiencing our first victory against Sandhausen. That can make a big difference.


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