Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 7 August 2013

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The mid-week case of BLAH overwhelming me today is compounded by the realization I will again be out camping with family and friends this weekend, making Sunday night the earliest possibility for viewing the match in Paderborn. Were it not for so much anticipation of the first three-pointer of the season, it wouldn’t seem as dreadful. I shall survive, I suppose. Will help to be distracted by music, food, and good times.

Even so…

  • As usual, the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger brings the most information to my morning. Their report on Wednesday’s training activity notes that Thomas Bröker returned to training today, but Miso Brecko missed practice due to irritation in his right knee.The players went through an extensive shooting session, at least a little bit by way of addressing a fairly low goal-scoring rate. One goal per match simply is not going to get anyone promoted.

    Maxi Thiel continues to push for a place in the starting eleven both on the practice grounds and when talking publicly.

    I forsee a good chances to earn a start, but the coach decides that,” said Thiel Wednesday. “Naturally, I hope for it, but whether it’s then for 30 or 90 minutes, does not really matter. I can only try everything, then we shall see.

    Stöger, for his part, is aware of Thiel’s push for playing time and praises the young man’s efforts while also not giving much away with regards to plans for the weekend.

    Maxi did well in the Cup and shows good progress. In the Cup match, we were sure that he could bring the necessary self-confidence,” said Stöger about his anxious 19-year-old. “From his body language, we were not as sure before the Dresden match, in contrast to that of Yannick Gerhardt, for example. We cannot allow the free kick to dazzle us blind, though we also know what he is capable of doing.”

    Also in the report, we learned that Slawomir Peszko will not be used in Paderborn, with the possibility of him playing among the under-21 in the interim mentioned. Likewise, Fabian Schnellhardt will not join the team for the road trip in favor of getting more action in Regionalliga play.

  • Der 4. Offizielle is back with Wortwechsel, exchanging thoughts with SC Paderborn fan “Frederik.”The two spend a bit of time discussing the somewhat-surprising result in the DFB Cup opening round with Paderborn defeating MSV Duisburg and the problems causing SCP’s season to start with two shut-out losses, including a 4:0 in Cottbus, putting Paderborn in the second-league basement.

    By the time talks rolled over to the upcoming match between the two clubs, it seems Frederik was somewhat resigned to the idea his club will suffer their third-consecutive defeat to begin the season, saying that when the schedule was released, it was difficult to ignore two tough home games and a difficult road game could easily equal zero points after three matches.

    Yet, when asked for a prediction, the Paderborn fan counters his inquisitor’s prediction of a “glorious victory for 1. FC Köln” with “Paderborn will win 2:0,” citing a boost in “fighting spirit” coming off their Cup victory.

    Yeah…okay Frederik. I know you have to say that, but we both know what you’re really thinking and, it’s going to be okay.

  • Interesting project at Kein Tag Ohne Fussball where dude named Mario Weides posted his impressions from Saturday’s match in Moselstadion as someone who has, according to the site, visited over 450 football stadiums in 22 different nations.Weides rates the stadium’s bratwurst options an 8 on a scale of 10. Apparently you should have ordered the “Chili-Bratwurst” if you didn’t. Also, 9 of 10 rating for beer, though with only alcohol-free on offer for the visitors, I’m not sure that’s a fair number. I’d have been pissed!

    Overall atmosphere got an 8 of 10 for a total rating of 25 of 30. I can’t say how much his being a resident of Trier may have skewed his numbers, but Weides did say he had to “praise the Kölner” for helping deliver an atmosphere he’d not seen in quite a while there. He also noted that the Effzeh fans essentially drowned out the Trier support, which was active the entire match as well.

  • BILD reported coach Peter Stöger has closed Thursday and Friday training sessions to the public, so if you were making plans to be there, you’d best find something else to do with the next two days.
  • I saw a tweet from @FCblogkoeln, calling Paderborn’s stadium the “ugliest in Germany.”Such a charge requires at least a little investigation.

    Yep! That’s pretty ugly!

  • In the “could not possibly care less” category: Holger Stanislawski resurfaced and spoke with Express. Much like Stani when facing the task of continuing his job, I can’t be bothered to even read it.
  • Much more interesting is an interview with Timo Horn. Bild asked the Billy Goat’s young number one about the pyro show in Trier, the costly error in Dresden, and whether Paderborn is a “weak opponent.”I may translate this one, given the time, which is not certain, to be honest.

That’s it?


Hope to get to the Horn interview and some Paderborn preview tomorrow. For now, Tschuß

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