Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 6 September 2013

As a life-long sports fanatic, my wardrobe has long been overrun with sports-team-oriented clothing items. In addition to the many t-shirts and sweatshirts, I have a ridiculously large number of baseball caps.

The days when a t-shirt, jeans, and ballcap were my standard dress have largely faded into the past. I don’t often leave the house in a shirt without a collar, though I still rarely go anywhere without a hat on my head, even if I take it off in the car and fail to return it to my head. It’s a lingering piece of my boyhood I’ve not been able or willing to shed, I suppose.

For most of my life, those articles have shown support for a very limited set of American sports franchises. I have an embarrassing number of Detroit Tigers (baseball) hats, with my collection of Detroit Lions (American football) caps not too far outnumbered. I’ve also a decent number of Detroit Red Wings (hockey) and Central Michigan University (my alma mater) caps in the collection as well. Even though I find NBA basketball painfully boring for the most part, I even have a few Detroit Pistons cups, and despite my tendency to shy away from jingoistic flag waving, I even have a blue “USA” cap I was given by the US figure skating association when I helped organize an event with them, which I bust out for the rare patriotic display.

I’ve never been one to wear the cap of another team just because I like the design or look of the logo, even though I sometimes do. It’s some weird sports-loyalty thing that probably indicates some degree of immaturity, I suppose.

So, despite the fact that I rarely pull on a jersey or t-shirt these days and that I have simply too many hats to count, I am in the process of putting together a list of 1. FC Köln gear for a Köln-based acquaintance to bring with him next month to the US when he takes vacation here and then mail it to me, sparing me the gag-inducing postage rates of sending packages from way over there.

Admittedly, it’s probably a good think shipping from Germany is so pricey. Otherwise, I might have already spent FAR too much money on red-and-white outfits for my sons, at the very least. As it is, I’m going to limit myself both for budgetary reasons and for not wanting to claim too much space in the luggage of someone who has been already plenty generous to contribute effort and time to helping me save a few bucks to indulge my Effzeh merchandise wants.

All that being said, I’m open to suggestions. As I’ve said before, my elder son has already requested a “soccer Billy Goats shirt” for when he begins playing in his soccer league next week. Beyond that, I’m looking for the best bang for my buck, both money- and space-wise. If you’ve ideas, let me know!

  • At the end of last season, the club’s second squad finished 16th in Regionalliga West, putting them in danger of relegation, until the Wuppertaler Sport Verein became insolvent and had to drop further down the Bundesliga ladder, sparing the Billy Goats’ developmental squad the drop.Whether such benefit was part of the reasoning behind 1. FC Köln scheduling a match in Wuppertal to help the struggling club in their efforts to rebuild is unknown to me, but that match took place at Stadion am Zoo Thursday.

    Without my year at university in Wuppertal, I doubt I’d be passionately following Bundesliga football, much less 1. FC Köln, so it was maybe a slightly bigger deal to me than it otherwise would have been. I have many fond memories of Wuppertal. Plus, they have great jerseys this year!

  • What I like, is that outline of a Löwen on the side and the crisp red color. Great stuff, WSV!

    Anyhow, with the club toiling in Oberliga Niederrhein, it should be little surprise that our humble little second-league side came out on top, despite several players unavailable due to their being away on national-team duties. What might be surprising, though, is the scoring of nine goals in the 1:9 romp.

    Borrowing the summary from fc-koeln.de

    “Kessler – Engelke (33. Lehmann), Nascimento, Golobart, Hector – Matuschyk, Jajalo – Exslager (59. Risse), Schnellhardt (64. Engels), Halfar (59. Jesic) – HelmesTore: 0:1 Exslager (40.), 1:1 Grün (42.), 1:2 Nascimento (43.), 1:3 Helmes (55.), 1:4 Matuschyk (61.), 1:5 Matuschyk (63.), 1:6 Helmes (65.), 1:7 Risse (68.), 1:8 Engels (75.), 1:9 Engels (84.)”

    Engels would be Mario Engels, a 19-year-old central midfielder.

    Helmes would be that Patrick Helmes guy everyone has been talking about the last few days.

    Not much else to say about a match I didn’t see and has no real bearing on what is to come, but I’m glad my chosen club has done something to help the club of my German hometown. My sporting loyalty lies in Köln, but I will always otherwise pull for the WSV to do well.

  • As a header for my last post a few days ago, I used a photo of Maxi Thiel and Yannick Gerhardt posing together in their DFB polo shirts. The pair were together, having been called into the U21 national squad, making the trip to Torshavn for a European Championship-qualification match Friday against the Faroe Islands. Both Effzeh youngsters will have to wait until at least Monday to get some playing time, as neither appeared in Germany’s 0:3 victory in the opening match day of this group phase of qualification.

    The win puts Germany atop the group with six points in two matches, though Ireland and Montenegro have yet to play their second match of the phase.

  • Speaking of Thiel, the left-footed talent joined Gerhardt as among the few players actively on Twitter. Send your best wishes to Maxi via @Thielikadabra if you’re the sort to do such things.

    I even managed to secure confirmation it’s the genuine article.

  • Adil Chihi was training this week with the ball? Could he be back relatively soon? I had him out until Christmas.

    Though, he could quickly be re-injured…


  • A site named Kölsche Ziege scored an interview with Roman Golobart, which can be found here. Same ground covered as most of what I’ve read with Golobart, but the answers are not edited down as much, so you get a bit more from the center back than other interviews have offered. Check it out (in German, though).
  • Does anyone know whether I could subscribe to Sky online and, hence, have access to a ton of German football on demand via computer? I doubt I’d do it, but I’m certainly curious as to whether it’s allowed, considering the rules regarding broadcast rights.

    In the US, a network called GolTV owns Bundesliga rights. The ONLY way to get that network here in Seattle, a city widely, if begrudgingly, acknowledged as the largest, most soccer-crazy fan base in the US, is to get it in standard definition in the Spanish-language add-on package through cable. DirecTV, the national satellite broadcaster, doesn’t even carry it! It’s ridiculous!

    Forgive me. I rant about that from time to time. What I really want is for the Bundesliga to offer me something like MLB.TV. It would be easy money and expand their reach into the growing American market for the sport.

Okay, y’all. No match this weekend, so I guess we’ll just have to relax from our spot in third place. A lot more comfortable than last September’s international break, for sure!


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  1. For the longest time I only had a scarf that I bought when I lived in Cologne and went to a match at RheinEnergie. When I came back to the States I was always “window shopping” but finally decided to get some more stuff. I got last season’s white kit, another scarf and a window decal.

  2. I’m going back and forth on whether to get a jersey. Nothing like a jersey to fly the flag, but I’d be much more likely to wear a polo or sweatshirt regularly. Probably need a scarf and hopefully can get a coffee mug over without it breaking.

  3. I’m late on this, but if you subscribe to Sky, you can only use their online streaming (SkyGo) with a German/Austrian IP, or what they consider to be one. I watched the DFB-Pokal game against Mainz through a VPN from Poland, but that doesn’t seem like a solution that’s really adequate for long term use. So it’s either that Spanish add-on or illegal streaming services, I’m afraid.

    • Sky has no presence here in the USA. I manage okay, thanks to FC-tv. I would pay a reasonable amount for easier access to all Bundesliga matches, though.

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