Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News for 3 July 2013

I sometimes take for granted that people who have found their way into becoming fans of 1. FC Köln have some background in German language and/or culture. It occurs to me that is a bit daft an assumption.

Hence, I’m going to attempt to regularly update the site with English-language information culled from the interwebs, in the hopes it will be of use to those English-speaking fans who otherwise miss out on the minutiae of the day. I guess I’d also hope it could draw some new fans into the fold, but that’s probably a wee bit “pie in the sky” of me.

We shall see just how well I keep up with  this.

So, live from Seattle, here’s to catching up on the overnight Effzeh news:

  • KSTA.de’s Michael Krämer reports Miso Brecko will remain captain for the coming season and that Stöger continues to hope negotiations will bring Anthony Ujah back to Köln, but that no new player signings were anticipated for the coming week.
  • Saturday’s test match against SV Ried will be streamed live via LAOLA1.TV, so set your calendar if you’d like to see the first live stream of #effzeh action this summer. As that appears to be 7:30 a.m. PST and I’ll have two wide-awake children with whom to contend, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have to miss it, but your time zone difference and family maintenance issues may differ.

1. FC Köln : SV Ried Livestream

  • Sport 1 reported that Mikael Ishak has been granted permission by 1. FC Köln to seek employment elsewhere, explaining his continued absence from practice and, now, camp. My man Effzeh Cologne News says an Italian news source has him heading to Seria A side Parma.
  • Despite various reports of a possible return, it seems to be finally determined that Slawomir Pesko will not return to play for the Effzeh this season. Reactions to this news are somewhat mixed, but lean toward it being a good thing. Certainly, taverns local to RheinEnergieStadion will mourn the loss of income. Pesko says he was informed of the decision by email?!
  • Marcel Risse has a damned cool Köln-centric tattoo on his arm, a photo of which he shared on his Facebook site today. I’m certain someone will generously explain some of the iconography here for me, but the inscription of “Et kütt wie et kütt” is Kölsch for, essentially, “What will be, will be.” How can you not like that?

“Et kütt wie et kütt.” Definitely a local boy.

  • Adam Matuschyk  continues to miss training due to a strained calf muscle.
  • Someone let Timo Horn pick background music for training this morning. Someone needs to help this young man find something better for his iPod!
  • Ending one of the more controversial situations of the summer, Peter Stöger has finally secured red eyeglasses. We can now all move on with our lives.

Proper eyeglass frames color, oder?

  • Speaking of Stöger, the 1. FC Köln trainer will be holding a live chat with fans via his Facebook page this Friday (1:00pm until 2:30pm in UTC+02).
  • A judgement in a Köln civil court ruled the club owes 120,000 Euro to representatives of Milivoje Novakovic in relation to the extension of his contract, despite being loaned to Japanese club Omiya Ardija. The club has already said they plan to appeal.
  • The club announced it is working in partnership with social-media application Foursquare for the coming season. Not sure how hot Foursquare is in Europe, but that would have been THE thing to do here in the US about three years ago.

Mato Jajalo and Manfred Schmid head out for a jog in scenic Windischgarsten Wednesday morning. (Photo shared from @bild_fc )

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2 Comments on "Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News for 3 July 2013"

  1. Nice post/series. I hope you keep it up. For those who are fluent in German and keep up with the news over there, it’s still nice to something so succinctly condensed in one’s Muttersprache. Thanks!

    • Right on, man. I appreciate your support. It’ll keep me motivated to keep up with it. I can’t believe the idea hadn’t really formulated for me until recently.

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