Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 22 July 2013

Folks, it’s been a tough weekend.

As I had mentioned repeatedly, I was never going to be able to watch our opening match until Sunday night. I honestly believed that Sunday night was the absolute latest.

Never in my wildest imagination would I have envisioned a scenario that would have my family and I taking a “shortcut” to circumvent weekend vacation traffic that put us on what a sign called a “primitive road” through some old logging country on a single-lane gravel road towing our tent trailer with crazy steep drop-offs on our side, turning what would maybe be a four-hour drive with no traffic into a seven-hour-plus ordeal, made all the more harrowing by having two young children in the vehicle with us, neither of whom are quite that interested in the concept of a “road trip.”

By the time we got the boys to bed, the SUV and trailer unloaded, trash taken out, items for work week prepared, and washed the remainder of wading the Pacific Ocean surf from our legs, it was past midnight. I think my wife thought I might actually try to watch the match, even so, but I was wiped out.

I may not have watched the match, but I had fun with my best buddy. Worth it, especially when you can get to your FC-TV Re-Live later!

There’s a lot of sadness about this for me, not the least of which was learning the result before we even left on Saturday. Like a fool, I stepped into Facebook, thinking I was doing so cautiously, forgetting that I’ve long since “liked” several pages closely connected to 1. FC Köln in particular and other simply revolving around all things Bundesliga. I don’t think I had it open for a full 30 seconds before I saw mentions of “one point” or “draw” or what have you.

I was bummed, though now it turns out to have not been a big deal because I wouldn’t have been able to start this properly without learning the result.

Here’s what I know: 1:1 draw in Dresden despite putting a good number of shots on goal; Timo Horn completely pulled a boner; Ujah scored for us; Düsseldorf fans are relishing in the drop of two points by Effzeh.

That about cover it?

I’m still going to watch the match, hopefully tonight, so I’m going to stay away from the highlights for now, and really hate that I’ve seen six other teams play so far this year and will likely keep an ear and eye on the Fortuna match with Cottbus this morning.

This is approximately how I felt when I realized I would not get to watch the game.

Of course, there’s the slightly more important thing about my infant having (yet another) ear infection. He’s doing well now, thanks schief.ness!

I’m pretty good at making this all about ME, ME, ME, yeah?

Okay, let’s get to the business of putting Dresden in the rear-view mirror and entering Derby week.

  • Obviously, not having yet watched the match, I’m a bit handicapped as far as having much input. Maybe that’s to everyone’s benefit. The post-match interview pieces posted at fc-koeln.de from the locker room definitely have me itching to get the computer connected to the television and some beer poured for relaxing Fußball enjoyment.Necessarily, Timo Horn was among the three players quoted. The young keeper seemed to want to explain why he made the decision he made, but took full responsibility for his error, saying that, whatever the circumstances, it was his job to clear the ball. What I really liked about his comments was that he ended with saying he was sorry for the team, but was “already looking forward to being on the field against Fortuna Düsseldorf the next match day and bringing with him a top performance.

    This does not look promising…

    I look forward to seeing whether Horn can put an impenetrable wall at Müngersdorfer come Sunday.

    Maroh, putting on his mentor cap, took time to praise the play of Yannick Gerhardt in his debut by the big club, calling the performance “a very good first second-league game.” He also commented on Horn’s blunder, but put the burden on the entire team, saying “we have to help him out.”

    For the second time in a week, I am hearing talk from Maroh that tells me he has the makings of a future captain. At the very least, he sounds like a leader. Hard to know from articles how he communicates with his teammates, but I increasingly like what I hear from him.

    Finally, Anthony Ujah had his say, seeming to stick it to Dynamo Dresden a little bit for not having played the ball into touch in a situation where he maybe was on the ground injured. This is where having seen some stuff would help, eh? So, why do I continue? This is me working out my Effzeh obsession.

    By all accounts, both teams played well in spots, but the Billy Goats definitely left Dresden feeling they let two points slip away, which is, unfortunately, not a new post-game feeling since making the drop.

  • Michael Krämer posted a brief post-match Q&A with Peter Stöger at KSTA.de, in which the coach said he was satisfied with the performance of his team, though not with the outcome. That’s about all there was to the entire piece, unfortunately.
  • Taking much from fckoeln’s Storify from Saturday would be a bit anti-climactic, so I won’t do that, but it’s a nice collection of Instagram shots and tweets from players. Just check it out.

    This was my favorite piece. I’ve said it before: this guy is happy to be dabei.

    They also posted a collection of tweets from Kacper Przybylko’s work on the “#effzeh LiveTicker” during the match.

  • It may be a cultural thing, but I’m finding the smack-talk coming from some Fortuna fans to be a little difficult to grasp.I’d already noted several editions back how Düsseldorf fans were making shirts with Hennes on the front and how that is an odd choice. I mean, even if you do infer with the text that the goat is going to be a victim, the effect is thousands of rival fans with a Köln icon on their chest. In the parlance of the kids these days, that’s a FAIL!

    Now that Fortuna earned three points by beating Energie Cottbus Monday and, hence, are ahead of the Effzeh in the table, some Düsseldorfers are waving it around as a symbol of early victory.

    You know, because the table tends to change very little between match days 2 and 34?

    Public Service Announcement for Fortuna fans: After match day one last season, your team was WAY up high in the table after an 0:2 victory in Augusburg. In case you don’t remember what happened after that, well…let’s let it be a surprise! If your squad manages to finish with just three points the last 12 matches of the season again this year, I hope you remember fondly this week you enjoyed a weird sense of superiority.

    You want to be leaving Müngersdorfer with a Billy Goat on your shirt to remind you of the loss you just took? Okay by us!

    But, seriously, find a better shirt for the derby in a few months when the Effzeh come calling. Otherwise, I think you’re not putting much effort or thought into it, when I KNOW you’re obsessed.

  • The police, however, think that at least some number of you are willing to put all sorts of the wrong type of effort forward come Sunday.KSTA.de reported that police are taking numerous precautions in preparation for the first meeting between the two rivals in 15 years, calling the derby a “match with elevated risk,” comparing it to meetings with Borussia Mönchengladbach.

    In fairness, whatever problems occur that make police take action is generally a very small percentage of fans in attendance and obviously can be from either side of the rivalry.

    My take on such things is that those people use sport as a place to exercise some other demons within themselves, rather than (as I think they would try to tell anyone who’d listen) them being hardcore obsessive fans. As I implied, you support your team. When you concern yourself with another team and/or its fans, that is something less, but you’re welcome to it.

  • Stammtisch!The first FC-Stammtisch of the season is happening Tuesday at 8 p.m. local time at the Gaffel am Dom.

    I’m not sure how to describe the concept of Stammtisch to the uninitiated. It’s a bit like, say, you and your pals have a table at a bar somewhere and you meet there regularly, maybe the same time every week. When I was studying German in college, we had one set up at the nearby Mexican restaurant, with the intent we’d all commit to speaking only auf Deutsch the entire time.

    Anyhow, it would be an excuse to get away from household commitments, theoretically, once a week, accompanied by beer and football talk. Don’t see the downside, except I know I’d understand less than a quarter of what was being said. Even so…BIER!

    There seems to be a tradition of them being recorded for viewing via ksta.de for those of us who can’t be there, but want to see whether they can convince their significant others that it’s important you sit in front of the computer with some beer as part of expanding your cultural knowledge.

  • I read this fairly fascinating piece on Welt.de last week on Bruno Nascimento’s former club, Desportivo Brasil. Because the club is somewhat notorious for developing young soccer players exclusively with the intent of selling those players for profit when they become of legal age, the phrase “human trafficking” is thrown at it in an accusatory manner.The only real connection to make it remotely relevant here would be the mention of Nascimento, but it’s a worthy read. I also found it interesting that the President of International Business for Deportivo compares their business model to that of SC Freiburg, charging with hypocrisy those who way their fingers at his club, while holding the recent success of SCF as romantically ideal.

Okay, I’ve done as much as I can bear to do before getting to watch for myself. As always, I thank anyone and everyone who reads my site. You keep me motivated!

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  1. Another great article! Just one suggestion: use “Müngersdorf” instead of “Müngersdorfer”. If you omit the word “Stadion” then the name of the borough and of the stadium becomes one and the same. I guess it’s a case of “totum pro parte”.

    • Interesting. Doesn’t “feel” right in English, but that’s why I ask people to tell me when I get something wrong! Appreciate the heads-up!

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