Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 16 July 2013

…and a quiet tension settled on the impatiently waiting fan base.

MAN, y’all are quiet this week, with just four days until we get the ball rolling.

I gave up my search for a good Golobart photo, so you get Detroit Lions legend Jason Hanson instead. He’s a stud. Know him.

That’s four days in Detroit and Seattle, but it’ll be down to three in Germany by the time I get this posted. It’s part of the troubles of being a writer working with time travel.

Meanwhile, Golobart and Bruno Nascimento were apparently working on their Village People Karneval costume?

“In the EFF-ZEH!”

But, trust me, I’m with you all, spiritually. I’m completely excited for the match in Dresden, while also a bit apprehensive about how the team will fare with their new coach, players, and system. You can’t have such a large overhaul and hope for no bumps along the way, but I’ll feel a lot better if match day one is not one of those bumps. Dresden may be a tough venue, but they are imminently beatable, even in their stadium. I’m trying to favor cautious optimism in this case.

Moving on…

  • Again, it’s Effzeh.com coming through in the clutch in the run-up to kick-off, launching a series columns from various experts on the club responding to the question, “Promotion – yes or no?”

    The name of the series is “The one-eyed among the blind.” That alone has to get your attention, doesn’t it?

    Granted, the pieces are in German (update: I have it on good authority there may be an English entry into the series!), so you may need to utilize Google Translate, which should get you close enough to your native language for you to make heads or tails, should you not Deutschen.

    Today’s entry comes from Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger sportswriter Philip Sagioglou.

    Should you NOT wish to translate the entire thing (which I recommend), I can summarize by telling you Sagioglou seems to be of the opinion that the organization of the front office and the talent available should be enough for 1. FC Köln to play among the league leaders, but questions certainly remain as to how well some of the newcomers will perform and as to what impact the coaching turnover will have, especially in the season’s early stages, which, as we all know, were ultimately the largest issue last year.

    But go read it. Please.

  • The dearth of interesting material on Tuesday has led me to return to a few items I left out from the weekend, which brought me quickly to Peter Stöger’s Facebook post from Sunday. The coach spoke of the excitement of the coming season, praising the team for completing the summer run of test matches without suffering a defeat, but pointing out that, again, the first half in Mallorca featured some play he didn’t favor.

    In mentioning Saturday’s match in Dresden, Stöger spoke of his “old friend” Peter Pacult, the man took charge of Dynamo’s sidelines last December and successfully guided them through a relegation battle with third-league VfL Osnabrück at the end of the season, keeping Dresen in the second league.

    Of course, I had to research this. In doing so, I learned both Pacult and Stöger are natives of Wien with football careers that are somewhat similar, though don’t completely mirror one another.  They shared the pitch at least a few times as Austrian internationals in both World Cup- and European Championship-qualification matches. They each played for FK Austria Wien, FC Wacker Innsbruck, and SK Rapid Wien, though played in clubs only as opponents. Pacult has more experience in Germany, having played and coached at 1860 München, while Stöger stayed in Austria his entire playing career and, until now, his managing career.

    Perhaps most of you knew this, but I found it a nice tangental bit of news. So, if it’s also news and interesting to you, enjoy.

    Stöger looking every bit like a dude in the 90’s, back when he and Pacult would have played together. (thank you Sport10.de)

    Otherwise, Stöger was clearly impressed with the atmosphere at the season-opening festivities, marvelling at the 25000 in attendance as something he’d “never experienced in my long career, neither as player nor coach,” and ending the note with “the anthem was awesome.”

    Before that, though, the coach wanted to repeat his continued buffer against the insane expectations of a rabid fan base, knowing that it would be insane to promise they will “win every match or shine in every encounter.”

    Stöger did make one promise, however:

    “I can assure you that every fan will get the feeling that each individual and, above all, we as a team will have given everything every time.”

    I can live happily with that. You?

  • If you want more fun with the two Austrian Peters coaching second-league teams playing one another this weekend, head over to Express for an interview with the former teammates.

    Of note would be the two men’s response to the question as to how the match will go on Saturday. Pacult said that he doesn’t bet or make predictions, but that he hopes for a good effort in front of a stadium full of great fans. Stöger says, “I hope for a win for my team.”

    Stöger 1, Pacult 0

  • Apparently, Domic Maroh had a few thousand cards to autograph today. I suppose there are worse things to do on a Tuesday night. I guess hand cramps aren’t that bad for footballers, eh?

    That’s a lot of ink, right there.

    Lefty? Who knew?

  • The Twitter-based Effzeh fan club #SektionTwitter started a match-prediction group on Kicktipp.de with the posted rules in English, should you wish to play along. It would appear you will have to register to participate, but that’s a small price to pay for some added fun during the Bundesliga season. Do this!

As I said earlier, it’s a light day. Soon enough, we’ll be submerged in the season, and I’ll be overwhelmed by trying to keep this contained to readable length. Of course, that assumes that any length whatsoever if being found to be ‘readable.”

Bis dann,

euer American Geißbock!

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