Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 12 July 2013

A week from now, three 2. Bundesliga matches will already be in the books, but I’ll be getting ready to leave town to go camping for the weekend, meaning that I might be the absolute last Köln fan in the world to get with the kicking-off of the season properly. It’ll probably be late Sunday before I am able to get to FC-TV and watch the match for myself.

This also means I’ll need to not be reading email or Twitter or anything else the entire car ride back from the coast. Results have a way of finding me through social media.

It’s going to be tough, people, but I’ll make it. In my head, however, I’ll be going bananas.

You know, but if you have my number, don’t be texting me the score, okay?

Another quiet day around the virtual Geißbockheim, so…let’s see what I can put together:

  • Funny item from my WordPress statistics: among the search terms used to land on my site was “Adam Matuschyk 2013 hot.” So, Adam, if you’re reading (and I don’t believe for a second that you are), at least one person is trolling the interwebs seeking photos of you looking hot!As we’re now eight days away from the season start, I may indulge this person by adding one.

    Okay, not much for “hot,” but I need to show the number.

  • The virtual version 2013-14 1. FC Köln merchandise catalog is available now, should you need piles of temptation to spend money on Effzeh gear.On my first pass through it, I found myself easily clearing the 400-Euro mark, which seems maybe less crazy if I tell you I also have items selected for both of my sons…maybe? Besides, if I’m going to pay shipping, I may as well make it worthwhile by getting a bunch of stuff at once, right?I’m clearly seeking enablers.

    Despite being in no need of ball caps, jerseys, or t-shirts, I have to tell you, there are loads of tempting items being offered.

    I should be able to resist the Poldi bed clothes, however.

  • Unless I misunderstood, coach Stöger had given the team some time away from training to recover from the intensity of training camp, with today being the first day back to work for the players.This would mean today was the first time Anthony Ujah was training in Köln since making the permanent transfer, as well as the first practice with the team for Daniel Halfar.There are some garden-variety training photos on the club’s Facebook page.
  • Midfielder Aias Aosman is leaving the U21 squad to join SSV Jahn Regensburg, having signed a two-year deal with the recently relegated southerners.Frankly, I know a lot more about his new team than I do about the player, but I had to put something in here so I could attach the photo that accompanies the news piece in Die Welt.

    Die Welt’s caption: “Coach Thomas Stratos is looking forward to Aias Aosman.” If this is his happy face…

    Clearly, Aosman’s coach is barely able to contain his excitement.

  • Apparently, a new lease agreement for use of Müngersdorfer Stadion was needed before the season start and was reached yesterday. I know there were complaints surrounding the former lease and how it damaged the club’s finances, but balance sheet information isn’t really part of my primary interest.I did get a chuckle from the headline of my friend Dominik Hardt‘s article about it on the exceptional German-language Effzeh.com, celebrating that the club will not have to play any of their home matches in Aachen.I think we can all raise a Kölsch to that!

    …oder zwei?


  • Speaking of Effzeh.com, they have a rumor mill section they keep updated with various and sundry items regarding the club. Yesterday, they reported that Slawomir Pesko is still in the mix for joining the club for the season, pending the outcome of negotiations between the club, Pesko’s agent, and a man who invested in Pesko and has some, as we say, ‘skin in the game.’Without knowing the details (and, clearly, I can’t be arsed to research it), some guy has invested in Pesko like he were a business. I think it’s safe to say that would never fly over here, right? And it would be for all these stupid reasons put forth to make it sound as if it were done for the protection of the player, but would really be to protect owners and sponsors.But, after this much discussion, I’d have to believe Pesko will eventually be brought back into the squad. There’s a fair chance it’ll go last minute as everyone wants the best deal available, but wouldn’t someone have walked away by now if not all parties were interested in seeing it happen?

    That’s my largely uninformed opinion on the matter. Save a few of those beers for Slawomir, would you?!

  • Also rumored is interest in SSC Napoli’s Erwin Hoffer, most-recently seen on a short-term loan to 1. FC Kaiserslautern, during which he scored three goals in 14 matches.

    Hoffer ready for a switch to the red and white?

    KSTA.DE is reporting the Italian club is interested in moving Hoffer, as he’s in the last year of his contract. The Austrian national with the nickname “Jimmy” is reportedly willing to make some financial concessions to facilitate a move.

    According to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger story, however, team planner Jörg Jakobs has said the player was certainly discussed, but an acquisition is currently not in the picture.

  • Peter Stöger’s former club, FK Austria Wien, opened their cup season today with a 0:3 victory at SV Oberwart in the first round of Austria’s Samsung Cup competition.I know it’s relevant in only the absolute most-tenuous way, but the Stöger transfer drama was at its peak, I found the fans of the club to be very engaging and earnest, so I’ve taken an interest in them and wish them well.
  • Finally, Big Ron has a message for you. I haven’t paid to set this up as a premium site, so I can’t embed the video for you. Head to YouTube and listen to the man!And, then, read here that he’s essentially saying you should go see the Billy Goats take on the local club to his Kölsch-themed pub in Spain, RCD Mallorca, tomorrow in the Südstadion.You know the big man is right! Go! Have fun! Say ‘hey’ to Geromel for me!
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2 Comments on "Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 12 July 2013"

  1. Great article, as usual. I just recently dicovered this site and I love it!

    Maybe I can try and explain a little bit of the mess regarding Pesko. A few years ago, the men leading the club (Overath, Meier) had the brilliant idea to buy players who were actually too expensive for us with help of an investor named Wernze. They thought that way they would become succesfull, earn lots of money and then be able to buy back Wernze’s transfer rights of the players in question. Two of them were Geromel and Pesko.
    Turnes out they’d not become succesfull, but even poorer. Today, Overath and Meier are long gone, but Wernze is still around. For example, he still own parts of the transfer rights of Geromel, which means that he’ll probably get a lot of the money that Effzeh would get from selling him.
    The situation regarding Pesko is really complicated. Köln wasn’t able to pay Pesko’s wage after the relegation, but Wernze, who actually bought him, did not want to sell him because he would make losses. The deal: Wernze would pay his wage and loan him to other clubs to get his value back up.
    The problem today: The club still can’t afford to pay the salary, and Wernze doesn’t want to do it neither if Pesko actually plays for FC again. Pesko already said he would go without some of his wage, but obvously not enough. It’s a mess. I really hope they can make a compromise.

    The whole investor thing is not a usual practice here, by the way. They did it once, and they’ll never do it again. I hope.

    • Hey there,

      I meant to say thanks for the background on that situation. It was definitely a bit odd an item. I remember reading that an investor wanted to help land van der Vaart in Hamburg, but I didn’t really understand how the whole thing was going to work. It was much later I got the impression there was an investor connected to the Pesko deal.

      I appreciate your comment on the site. I only started doing a mostly daily wrap-up of the club recently, but it seems to have a purpose!



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