Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 19 July 2013

Just going to put this right up front: Whatever I get put into this today is going to take a miraculous effort. I’m dealing with an ear-infected 8-month-old. Some of my no-free-hands (except during naps) status will be relieved a bit by the fact that departure for our camping trip appears to be postponed until at least tomorrow, if not completely postponed.

I’m sure you’re on pins and needles!

Despite the fact that staying home would get me the ability to watch the match a lot sooner, I was truly looking forward to our trip. Was going to be nice and peaceful, even if we would have had a lot of baby sickness with which to contend.

Though, needing to comfort my Hen(nes)ry much of the day so far did give me an excuse to sit in front of the television watching the 2. Bundesliga Konferenz featuring the SV Sandhausen:VfR Aalen and the Ingolstadt:Aue matches as well as the St. Pauli:1860 München match. The game in St. Pauli was an entire class in play above the other two matches, but it really lost steam about half-way through. Essentially, I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the six teams today. Both St. Pauli and 1860 clearly have some class available to them, though. Not sure the same is evident with the four teams who played prior. Probably the best think I can say about any of them is that Sandhausen was not the complete train wreck I expected. They seemed to play with effort, if not with any particularly impressive talent.

It’s the first day, though. Never read too much into the early stages of any sports season other than the NBA, where you pretty much know how it will play out from day one.

Keeping that in mind, I am going to continue to believe that the relative weakness of the league this year will be a contributing factor to the chances of promotion for the Effzeh.

…just as long as our club does not contribute to the mediocrity, I suppose it must be noted.

Can it be just the one glorious day between now and the first Effeh match of the season. It used to seem it would never get here, but it’s right there! I can almost touch it.

or is it one WEIRD day?

Before I get to the non-me portion to which many of you already skipped anyhow, can I interest you in my season preview posted at Bundesliga Fanatic? Wander around there, too; plenty of good Bundesliga content to be found for the English-speaking part of your fußball needs.

Day before kick-off. Probably much to discuss:

  • If you’re going to have your computer on during the match tomorrow, you might want to check out the FC-Liveticker at game time. Kacper Przybylko will be on board during the match to offer his point of view of on-field happenings, as he is not available to be actually on the field due to a two-game suspension earned via a red card late last season playing for the U21 squad against the Ponies.Considering how much better “Pritsche” will know how practices should be translating on the pitch than most of us, it could be a fairly illuminating experience if you can get to it and assuming he doesn’t type only in Polish. The club announcement of the event says he’ll be using the hashtag “#Pritsche.” Can someone ask him what his favorite pizza toppings are for me? I always like to offer a ridiculous non-relevant question when possible.
  • The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger announced their own polling tool for fans’ wish for the starting eleven. Then (I think I understand this correctly), the staff at KSTA will interpolate all the submissions and post an aggregated starting eleven before the match.The graphics are a little utilitarian, to be honest, for my liking. They should get a designer monkey on that! Plus, you cannot copy-and-paste the entire photo and put it somewhere (for example, in an article such as this one). Sharing it via Facebook comes up only as a link which has to be opened to actually see the selections. It’s an inelegant tool, to be honest, that could have been made a lot more fun, likely inspiring more usage.

    You can, of course, still do all of that on the “Wunschelf” application at fc-koeln.de, if you wish.  I did both, but since the one on the club’s site is easier to share…

    Though, if it’s “wishing,” I’d like Chihi and Bigalke to be healthy and Poldi back in the right red-and-white kit.


  • Day before the match is a good time to look at the opposition. To that end, the official site posted an interview with Benjamin Kirsten today. From the few Dynamo Dresden matches I watched last season, he’s probably their MVP. Though, this is heavily influenced by the late-season match against Paderborn in which he stopped two penalties and made a great pass to spur a counter-attack that led to a goal. As the result was important to their battle to avoid relegation at the time, I was pretty impressed at how he spurred his team to three points for which they played desperately and he was critical in earning.That said, I’m going to maybe not read it fully until later, as I should really be packing for our weekend soon. I told you; I’m going to be a bit lame about this today!
  • More interesting, in my opinion, is travelling over to Dynamo Dresden’s website to find an interview they conducted with our very own Anthony Ujah. You think they chose Ujah maybe remembering he scored the only two goals the last time Köln visited Dresden?

    I was going to summarize here, but I think I can maybe find time later to just translate it, as it’s only five questions and they’re relatively simple. It’ll give you something to read over the weekend, perhaps.

  • I caught this yesterday, but couldn’t take the time to give it full attention. Twitter friend Der 4. Offizielle posted an conversation with Dynamo fan Christiane, as the opening edition of what he hopes will be a complete series of interviews with fans of Effzeh opponents. Great idea. Great results.The pair discussed: the relegation battle between Dresden and Osnabrück (Close, but achieved!), the pair of Viennese coaches doing battle tomorrow, the perception of each club and fan base of whether they belong in the second league, the banning of Dresden from the DFB Cup in the year of their 60th anniversary season, team personnel turnover, home-field advantage, and season expectations.

    I like that Christiane said she expects little from her team other than “dedication, fairness, and fitness.”

    Though, I think her prediction of a 0:0 result tomorrow is maybe a bit too optimistic for her side.

    Or, is my thinking so an indication of my overwhelming optimism for mine?

  • If you have FC-TV, you can watch the pre-match press conference, which is about eleven minutes worth of Peter Stöger talking while making me thirsty by doing this from behind bottles of Bitburger and Gaffel.

    You can see the tops of the beer bottles right there! You’re doing it on purpose!

    Otherwise, you can read a summary thereof right here and probable be slightly less thirsty afterwards, as you can’t quite see the full glory of German brewing excellence.

    Stöger did the mandatory “difficult match…strong home side” thing, which is to be expected. He also noted that many changes in both teams since the end of last season makes it difficult for either to enter the game knowing what to expect from their opponent. The Effzeh coach offered that Dresden had fast players on the outside and were strong the the point of attack.

    Someone, of course, tried to get some information as to who would be in the team tomorrow. Stöger declined to give any ground there, preferring to retain a bit of “high tension” around who will play. Facing a follow-up of who will not be playing, Stöger offered only that Bruno Nascimento would be away (which everyone already knew) and that Koray Kacinoglu would be available in his stead.

    Overall, Stöger seemed clinical in answering press queries. You could almost say he was already wearing a bit of a ‘game face.’

Okay, as much as I’d like to keep adding to this, I have to get busy; it’s getting late in the day.

Plus, I wanted to make sure to get this published just in case some of the folks getting on an early, early train and heading east for the match needed something to read to delay the party to a more-reasonable hour.

Have fun, wherever you are for game time.

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