Effzeh Auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News for 5 July 2013

Independence Day survived!

Now it’s the fifth of July. I’ve told my three-year-old son the fireworks are over, but am realizing a Friday night may hold some in reserve from last night’s insanity.

My son hates fireworks. So much so, in fact, that it is a barrier to him wanting to go to Seattle Sounders games. Owen LOVES soccer and wants to play like “those men are playing” (watching the Münster highlights). Yet, when I ask him whether he wants to go see the Sounders, the closest to a “YES!” I can get is, “Maybe when I’m bigger because then I won’t be afraid of fireworks.”

Fireworks are among the many gimmicks used at Sounders games to wow the fans in attendance, which makes visits feel like trips to a football-themed amusement park. Unfortunately, this feature  has more a negative effect on at least one potential Sounders fanatic. My son would rather watch the red team (for him, that’s still FC Bayern, but I’m working on it) play the yellow team on television rather than go to a Sounders match and risk being subjected to fireworks noise.

I’ll stop here before I go into a rant about the Sounders hiring people with British accents to do the stadium announcing and television commentary.

Now, your Friday Effzeh update!

  • Still no clarity to the Anthony Ujah situation. Yesterday, I noted conflicting opinions coming from various sources as to just how “done” the deal to return Ujah to Köln on a permanent basis was. Today, the Kölnische Rundschau is reporting a three-year deal for Ujah awaits only his signature and should be announced officially no later than Monday. As usual, the prudent path will be to wait for an official announcement before getting too excited about any potential moves, but the sooner Ujah gets on the practice field the better.Of course, if Maurice Exslager starts up front and proves to be unstoppable…nah…just get Ujah in here. He’s a proper Kölsche Boy!

The real reason Ujah wants to return? He knows the real Karneval parties are in Köln. (photo borrowed from Express.DE)

  • Marcel Risse collapsed, unchallenged, on the field during training today, appearing later in the team hotel with a heavily wrapped ankle.Risse has quickly become a fan favorite due to his immediate allegiance to his hometown club after joining 1. FC Köln just weeks ago as well as for fairly exciting performances in his first two test matches as a Billy Goat.

    Though no official diagnosis has been offered, Risse said, “I don’t believe that it’s something bad.” Even so, it would seem unlikely he will take part in tomorrow’s test match against SV Ried.

Did Risse turn his ankle while modelling this new member-premium scarf? Club officials are quiet on the issue.

  • 30 years ago today, the man for whom the 1. FC Köln mascot is named passed. So, wherever you go tonight to enjoy your first beer of the weekend, take a moment to raise a glass to the memory of legendary Effzeh player and coach Hans “Hennes” Weisweiler.
  • Geromel is returning to Köln?! AWESOME!Except he’s coming as a member of Spanish second-league side RCD Mallorca, where his loan from the Effzeh continues, for a test match the week before the season opener in Dresden. The 13 July friendly is being held in Südstadion rather than Müngersdorfer, probably so Pedro doesn’t get confused and miss the team bus after the match.
  • Probably, most have seen the ausweich jersey (in US sports, it’d be called a third jersey or maybe special-event), but Dominic Maroh’s posting via Facebook of him modelling it is the first official-looking picture I’ve seen of it.

    Blue, eh? Well, okay then!


  • Continuing a theme of the club embracing new technology and media, sporting director Jörg Schmadtke will take part in a live-tweet event on Monday from 1 to 2 p.m. local time. If that’s not the middle of the night for you, and you’ve questions you want to throw at the man, get thee to Twitter in that time frame!
  • Finally, I relegate to the bottom the conjecture over reports that another acquisition of a new player to 1. FC Köln is imminent. I do this because this has much less smoke to it than even the Ujah deal, which leads to wild speculation. The lead name so far seems to be Patrick Helmes, but the typical Effzeh fun-loving response has to be that this is finally the decision of Mario Gomez coming to town.I love this club and its fans! Happy Friday everyone!
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