Broken Ribs Will Sideline Dominic Maroh Several Weeks

The late-match collision between Dominic Maroh and SV Darmstadt goalkeeper Michael Esser resulted in a pair of broken ribs for the central defender.

On Monday, Maroh was released from the hospital where he was taken for treatment Saturday. In an article on the club’s website, Maroh said that he knew pretty quickly that this was not the sort of contact from which he was going to simply walk away with as little as bothersome bruise.

Maroh visibly in pain as he's taken off via stretcher.

Maroh visibly in pain as he’s taken off via stretcher.

“It was a very violent collison, and I was immediately aware that I was injured,” says Maroh. “Under the circumstances, I am doing well. The pain is still significant.”

“I know that I need quite some time until everything is healed.”

A timetable for a return to action has yet to be given, but rib fractures commonly take a minimum of six weeks to heal.

Maroh thanked the medical staff and attendants for the quality care he has received and noted he’s been inundated with well wishes, including one from the man whose knee did the rib-breaking.

“Michael Esser reached out on Sunday and asked after me,” said Maroh. “I found it to be very friendly. He told me that the incident, in his view, was unfortunate.”

Esser and Maroh seemed to take little notice of one another as both men moved to be in position to play Marco Höger’s ball into the area. The keeper made a charge toward where the ball was coming and leaped to punch it away. With legs bent, Esser’s left knee planted itself firmly into Maroh’s right side with full force.

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