Another Test, Another Victory for 1. FC Köln

It’s not Florida Cup, but the effzeh continue their winter test winning streak.

The 1. FC Köln hosted FSV Frankfurt in an empty Franz Kramer Stadium Tuesday and came away with a decisive 2:0 victory. Marcel Hartel (57.) and Dusan Svento (83.) collected the goals for the effzeh.

future startelfPeter Stöger mixed things up a bit from Saturday’s test against MSV Duisburg, switching to the more-familiar 4-2-3-1 formation and using just five of the same starters used in that 6:0 victory. Filip Mladenovic and Pawel Olkowski were again on the ends of the defensive row, but Mergim Mavraj and Frederik Sørensen was their new central-defending tandem. Kevin Vogt returned to the pivot, but was partnered with Yannick Gerhardt this time, rather than going it alone. Leonardo Bittencourt and Simon Zoller again manned the wings with Milos Jojic between them, though this time without a second central midfielder. And Philipp got the nod as the lone striker up top. Thomas Kesser went in goal and played the entire match.

Another familiar face was on hand in the starting eleven of the opposition, as former FC youth prospect Mario Engels returned to the field where he played for the club’s U-21 squad.

second halfThe first half was without a goal, but not without a few highlight moments. Both Mladenovic and Olkowski put their offensive skills on display, each delivering well-targeted long passes that ultimately resulted in big goal chances.

The second half saw both personnel and tactical changes, with Stöger doubling his attacker quotient in search of the breakthrough goal . . . or, because it was a test, just to test yet another idea in live play.

Kessler, as said, remained in goal. Otherwise, it was ten new players on the pitch. Jonas Hector, Dominique Heintz, Dominic Maroh, and Lukas Klünter made up the back row. Matthias Lehmann went as the lone defensive mid behind Svento and a pair of Marcels (Hartel and Risse). Yuya Osako and Anthony Modeste went into double-striker mode.

Marcel Risse was the trigger for the first goal. After losing the ball near the corner flag, Risse pursued the FSV player in possession, quickly took the ball back from him, and sent it toward the middle where Lehmann was posted. Matzelinho curled a ball toward Modeste, but Big Mo’ was ill-positioned to play it, so the ball went through to Osako. The Japanese national tapped the ball back along the edge of the six-yard box where Hartel easily drilled it into goal.

hartel score

Hartel and Modeste exchange pleasantries following the youngster’s goal against FSV Frankfurt.

Risse and Klünter each created huge chances to double the FC lead, but the Frankfurt keeper was able to block away Risse’s close-range shot, and Klünter’s low shot glanced off the outside edge of the far post to keep it to 1:0.

The second goal did eventually come, of course. This time Hartel was at the start of things, carrying possession from midfield to just outside the penalty area, where he played the ball off to Modeste. The Frenchman took one touch before playing to Risse to the right inside the penalty area. Risse’s cross took a deflection off a Frankfurt defender and headed toward the goal line just on the other side of the far post, but Svento came sliding into the picture at the crucial moment to redirect it into goal for the 2:0.

Our Effzeh will again put their unbeaten winter-test run on the line Saturday against 1. FSV Mainz 05 on Saturday. The match is also closed to the public.

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