1. FC Köln goes on the road and loses 2:3

I hope Philip Sagioglou is cool with me sharing his dope shot of the Tivoli after the match.

No, not to Eintracht Frankfurt.

I mean, yes, of course that was the final score of last weekend’s match at Eintacht Frankfurt, but I’m speaking this time of Wednesday’s friendly match against Alemannia Aachen, in which a handful of guys with unfamiliar names joined another handful of guys with more-familiar names blew a 2:1 lead while wearing the red and white in a game of absolutely no consequence.

Well, almost no consequence. I am writing about it, as did most media outlets covering the club, but the match itself serves little purpose beyond keeping busy the players not out on international duty.

Anthony Ujah and Simon Zoller each played one half of the match and each contributed one of the Effzeh goals. Adam Matuschyk, Daniel Halfar, Kevin Vogt, Matthias Lehmann, Kazuki Nagasawa, and Slawomir Peszko are the other players with Bundesliga time to their credit this season to appear in the match. Thomas Kessler was the keeper the entire match. Dusan Svento and Thomas Bröker each got their first playing time coming off injury.

Stöger had three U19 players in the staring eleven: Jan Holldack, Michael Schüler, und Frederic Ananou. The teenage trio teamed with U21 Andre Wallenborn to form the back line.

From pictures, the Tivoli Arena, which hosted the match, is a pretty large place. Unfortunately, you could also see quite easily in the pictures that there were not many people at the match, which is a bit sad for a club with some Bundesliga history. I recall that Aachen was relegated somewhat recently from 3.Liga due, at least in part, to some penalties imposed on the club by the DFB.

Thanks to Twitterer @Tam_Win for sharing this shot.

If I weren’t ready for bed, I’d look those up and tell you about it. I did, however do enough research to learn this was a 2. Bundesliga match, just so you don’t think I’m entirely lazy.

Rather than chase the tangent of Aachen’s recent administrative struggles, I’ll leave you with a tidbit I read in the official accounting of the match, which is that the last time the two clubs met was 2008. Alemannia also won that match, also by a 3:2 score, though instead of Ujah and Zoller getting goals, it was a younger and healthier, pre-treachery Patrick Helmes.

Sidebar: Just kidding about the “treachery” thing. I wasn’t around for that, and probably wouldn’t have taken it that personally had I been. We’re cool, Pat.

And while I do not have video from Wednesday’s test match to share, you can check out this highlight package from the 2008 loss. Look at how young Kevin McKenna looks. And, Faryd Mondragon!

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