What? Why?!



I’m sure there is reason aplenty to NOT try to blog regularly about the 1. FC Köln football (fußball…soccer…whatever you wish to call it) team. Hell, I can come up with a good number of them right off the top of my head.

  • Seattle is about 5000 miles from any games the team will play this year.
  • The team will play in the second league this year, rather than the top-tier of Bundesliga football, which will make them even more difficult to follow than last year when they were crashing out of the top league in spectacular fashion.
  • My German is not what it used to be, which was never that hot to begin with.
  • I’ve played just enough soccer to know I know not nearly enough about the game to be useful, analytically.
  • The club is going out of their way to break ties with any and all players who have enough experience or skill to be paid like a professional.

And THAT was with barely a thought!


I want to.

That’s all it takes anymore, right? WordPress makes it cheap enough.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get into how I arrived in Germany in 1993 believing that “soccer” was primarily a girls’ sport (as it was at Owosso High School when I attended), and was eventually drawn into the sport thanks to a friend taking me to a Borussia Dortmund match with Bayer Leverkusen at Westfalenstadion.

I’ll probably then have to explain how I am more strongly drawn to the club from Köln than I am to the one I actually saw play in person, not to mention happens to be now the two-time defending champion of the Bundesliga, but also is a rising star on the European scene.

Might even have to touch on how I once thought of my fandom of the game itself to have been a nice diversion during my year in Germany but something I’d left behind until the world wide web made it possible for the distance from here to there to be a lot closer than it ever seemed possible 18 years ago.

It’s all interesting in some ways, but I’ll save that for a time when I’m not going to try to catch up on a whole bunch of stuff with the season rapidly approaching.

Maybe you’ll realize there is more to soccer life here in America than grabbing onto an English Premier League team just because everyone else does (or one of the two big Spanish clubs, apparently) and/or trying to convince yourself that watching MLS is good enough. It’ll take more effort to be a Bundesliga fan (even more needed to follow a team demoted to the second league!), but I’m here to help.


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