Back in the Bundesliga (Do wo mer hinjehüre!). . .

Back to work . . .

Back to all my on-again and off-again attempts at being a primary English-language resource for those in need of such a thing to come to the most glorious football club in all the world. . .

I’ve enjoyed this World Cup probably a bit more than I’d anticipated I would. I really have. It helps that the tournament has been packed with great matches, as well as the fact that the USA provided some thrills.

But my love for the sport comes from love of club.

And that means that the sudden surge of news tidbits surrounding the 1. FC Köln has me ready to be done with all this international nonsense so we can get back to the really important footballing matters.

So, it’s a bus, a third-jersey, DFB Cup scheduling, and lactic-acid tests?

Okay, so it’s not quite as exciting as watching Tim Howard fly around to save the bacon of my home nation’s national team time and again (you have to admit, the Yanks put on quite a show), but it signals the beginning of what promises to be a very exciting time to be an Effzeh fan.

It is time . .


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