Today in FC – Friday, May 5, 2017

What is there to say? IT’S SPILLDAACH!!!!!

The glorious FC host the red-hot SV Werder Bremen in a match that may go a long way in determining the Europa League hopes of both clubs. Action starts at 11:30 a.m. PDT. Do your own time-zone math (or consult the Google).

Match day does not mean there is NO other news, however.  Therefore . . .

Today’s updates from around Planet Effzeh:

  • “After the match is before the match” is something I frequently read. For some, though, the same applies to the transfer window; once the one closes, it’s time to talk rumors for the coming one.As long as Anthony Modeste is scoring at a high rate and playing for a club without the notoriety of the handful of “big” clubs in the sport, he’ll always be ready to move elsewhere, as far as transfer chatter is concerned.

    The theory being floated by Express today is that the Chinese club that allegedly offered 50 million Euro for Modeste earlier this year is going to throw 90 million at Diego Costa.  But this doesn’t mean Modeste will not leave, of course, as that move would then leave him available to move to Dortmund as a replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who apparently wants to move to Paris St. Germain.

    Take such unsubstantiated and unconfirmed items with no given source for what they are worth.

  • You know who isn’t transferring, though? Lukas Klünter!  The club reports that their new star defender has a shiny new contract into 2020.  Of course, the transfer mongers will tell you that he still could transfer, just as the Liverpoolers and Chelsea-ers were certain they were buying Jonas Hector in the weeks following his extension with FC.There is no helping these people.
  • And because these things go both ways . . .Both of today’s contestants are said to be interested in acquiring the services of Jorge Meré of Spanish side Sporting Gijón. I had never heard of the man until now. A quick Google says Chelsea trainer Antonio Conte wants him, too. Bidding war with Chelsea? Not even if we had the 50 million from China.
  • Today will be Peter Stöger’s 100th Bundesliga match as trainer of the FC.  OptaFranz has the breakdown of his first 99 in Köln vis-a-vis his first 99 at FK Austria Wien.

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That’s it for today. Gotta get some things done before the whistle blows. Plus want to give you all time to digest all this nutritious effzeh content before the match.


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