Timo Says He’s Staying (for now)! He also says other stuff.

I believe I’ve made myself clear with regards to the “Jürgen Klopp wants to buy Timo Horn for Liverpool this winter” rumors. They’ve been widely repeated online, but seem to have been born of complete speculation. Nobody involved with any of the parties have indicated there is interest in such a move, nor has any credible news source with actual contacts at either of the clubs involved reported that there is interest in such a move.

In other words, the notion is 100% a creation of our contemporary online football media.

And it is very much a fabrication.

Yet, because it’s been lingering for a while now, it continues to be addressed. Klopp himself recently repeated his stance on current Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet, whom he says is his preferred choice for the remainder of the season.

Many dismiss Klopp’s words as “poker,” however.

Would you take Timo Horn at his word, though?

Horn took questions after Wednesday morning’s training session. Naturally, the topic of Liverpool interest came up, and those still concerned about losing our keeper in the middle of the season should be somewhat placated by what Horn had to say in response.

“I read such things only in the media,” explains the effzeh number one to the official club website. “Jürgen Klopp has already said everything there is to say about it. There is no concrete offer, and I don’t concern myself with such matters. I am an FC player and concentrate fully on my work here.”

Naturally, there is room to read between the lines here for those who insist on keeping this topic in play, but the fact is that either there is no story here or everyone is doing a remarkably good job of keeping things under wraps.

Now, if you’re ready to move on from that. Let’s see what else Timo had to say today.

How’s training going, Timo? (I dont’ know what they actually asked, so I’m pretending that I asked!)

“During the first week, conditioning stands in the foreground. Then we have a few test matches ahead of us. The end effect is that we will be well prepared for the first match. In any case, it’s a good thing that we are getting immediately back to the matter at hand. We have every player with us in training. It is really good to be pushed from the very beginning.”

Are players fighting for playing time? (Hey, I’d be better at this if we could make this a full-time gig, you know? I’m trying!)

“Everyone has the opportunity during the preparation period to show what they can offer . The coach has also told us that he enjoys having an embarrassment of riches. When everyone is on board, it can be only positive for the entire team.”



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