The Birth of a “Golden Generation”?

If anyone can outdo effzeh fans in over-inflating expectations, it’s the tabloid newspapers that report on the club.

As captured and shared by Maik Thesing on Twitter, the front page of the Bonn Express today touts the universally lauded transfer-window navigation of Jörg Schmadtke as reason for supreme optimism, announcing “The Dream of the Golden Generation” above images of Dominique Heintz, Frederik Sørensen, Leonardo Bittencourt, and Milos Jojic. (Where’s Anthony Modeste, by the way, Express?)

Does the FC "dream of a golden generation'? Does any club ever NOT dream of such things?

Does the FC “dream of a golden generation’? Does any club ever NOT dream of such things?

It’s only natural to be excited about new signings, of course, That’s a rite of summer for any and all football fans. Even Bayern fans are quickly finding the bright side to being rid of Bastian Schweinsteiger and getting excited about snagging Arturo Vidal, a swap of personnel absolutely none of them would have wanted a few weeks ago. What are you meant to do? Feel like you’ve submarined your season before it even begins?

Even so, as unreasonably excited as some may get over the collection of new talent in Köln, any dreaming of a golden generation is just that: a dream. While it is part of our pathos to point to the moves and start talking about “Europapokal,” the vast majority of effzeh fans are realistically more-grounded than that.

Of course, you can’t print “Looks good on paper, but let’s wait and see how they fare in a few competitive matches” as a headline and expect to move many copies, right Express editorial team?

Either way, let’s relax a bit. We’re still a solid three weeks away from seeing what the Peter Stöger Startelf will look like when they take the field and test themselves against VfB Stuttgart in a match that actually counts.

And by the end of that mid-August Sunday . . . “EUROPAPOKAL!!!!!!!”

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