That Salif Sane guy? Yeah, he’s not coming.

Depending on how you follow 1. FC Köln during the summer, you may or may not know that there has been some discussion about bringing defensive midfielder Salif Sané to the Cathedral City. There seemed to be at least some degree of interest from the FC. Hannover 96 was said to be semi-willing to part with the player, albeit at a very steep price.

The last official word was that the FC had made what leadership believed was a very strong offer, Hannover had declined it, and the FC wanted to “respect” Sané’s club’s position and were not going to pursue it any further.

After the negotiations between the two clubs, Anthony Modeste, who retains a close friendship with Sané since their days playing together at Girondins Bordeaux, said of Sané, ¨such a player belongs in the Bundesliga.” Many held out hope that Sanéś top-flight talent would eventually lead to the completion of a deal.

On Monday, though, Hannover 96 boss Martin Kind said, ¨We will give up no more. We want to keep all our top performers.”

If Kindś final-sounding words come off as maybe a negotiating tactic, then perhaps the words of Sané himself might convince you that any potential move is completely dead. Bild is reporting that Sané has told those close to him, ¨I´m staying.¨

Sidebar: If you happen to go to the Bild link above and wonder why you see the word ¨Disco” in the headline, itś because Sanéś quote in German (¨Ich bleibe¨) is also the name of a pop song by someone called Adesse.

So, thatś that, right?


However . . .

Sanéś birthday celebration and proclamation making the papers.

Sané is coming off a big week. Last Monday, he scored a dramatic game-winning penalty for Hannover in the DFB Pokal, in the final moments of extra time. Three days later, he celebrated his 26th birthday in local hot spot ¨Palo Palo.¨ A day later, Sané was again the hero, scoring a 74th minute equalizer, which helped Hannover avoid its first loss of the season.

So? Well, all I am pondering here is whether itś possible in the wake of such a series of events that, while enjoying some serious ¨I love you guys¨ moments with your friends that you might utter something like, ¨Man, I am never leaving this!¨? You know, the sort of thing you wouldn´t necessarily remember having even thought when someone showed you your words being reported in a tabloid? Or, even if you did remember, you can explain away easily enough when the harsh light of day reminds you that you really DO want to be in the Bundesliga and not the second division, regardless of your Thursday night birthday celebration mindset?

This might seem a bit of a reach of someone who would like to see Sané join his club. And there is likely an element of truth to that, but ¨silly season” is always rife with examples of players and clubs saying something that is contradicted by actions a short while later.

If I´m honest, though, I never thought Sané was coming in the first place. I believe Kind is honestly disinterested in losing Sané and will go to great lengths to keep him, knowing he could key a quick return to top-flight competition and Bundesliga money.

But it all ends on Wednesday when the transfer window closes, giving me my annual birthday present of a temporary cease-and-desist of unfounded transfer rumors.

And then we can start talking about a winter transfer, because that is how the game is played.

Na ja . . .

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