Svento and Peszko return to practice; Deyverson and Halfar remain sidelined

It was apparently quite pleasant, weather-wise, at training today.

I know that with six matches remaining and our spot for next year not yet secured, it’s not yet too late to cast a jinx on things.

Fortunately, I’m not supersticious.

We have been overwhelmingly fortunate when it comes to injury this season. Patrick Helmes is the one major exception, but he entered the season injured. If we look at the sheer number and significance of injuries suffered by several other clubs, it’s easy to see that 1. FC Köln has had good luck.

It should be said that it’s also not necessarily just luck. Training factors into fitness, and our club is blessed with Yann Benjamin Kugel, whom I assume is among the best in the busines, even if solely based on his being part of Germany’s world championship run. Often what is assigned to “fortune” should be credited to planning and preparation, so a “well done” goes to Kugel.

The slightly blurry guy in the blue shirt? That’s (world champion) Yann Benjamin Kugel.

Though I’m not suspicious, I’ll point out for those who are that Pawel Olkowski broke his foot well before I thought to note the relative health of 1. FC Köln. He’s now out for the season, rather than just next week at Hertha BSC for the emergency brakes he applied to Anthony Modeste Sunday.

No reports from the DFB as to whether they’ll move his suspension to next season to assure he’s missing a match in which he’d actually have had a chance to play.

In addition to needing Miso Brecko to return with Olkowski out, coach Peter Stöger is apparently planning for Saturday’s match without Deyverson and Daniel Halfar.

Reports from practice this week have Deyverson unavailable due to “muscular problems.” The brain is considered a muscle, isn’t it? Just asking.

Halfar is “sick,” according to Kölnische Rundschau.

It’s not all bad news today, though. Slawomir Peszko and Dusan Svento have both returned to training and will at least be available. Between Pesko’s energetic form and the absence of Halfar, it’s possible Peszko will be used Saturday. But if Stöger is comfortable with Brecko just stepping in, keeping Marcel Risse on the left and giving Kazuki Nagasawa consecutive starts on the right keeps the attacking force of last week’s side largely intact.

I happened to take a picture of Dusan Svento and Slawomir Peszko in Florida. That was lucky!

Risse, by the way, had to leave training early today with a slight knock. His status for Saturday is not considered to be threatened, however.

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