Stöger threatens closure of Facebook page due to commentary hools

It appears Peter Stöger is getting familiar with and tired of the idea of how people on the internet are not generally as reasonable as people in traditional public situations.

Bild reports that the increasing volume of negative commentary, particularly toward individual players, has the coach reconsidering his social media outlet.

„I really enjoy doing it, but there is also effort involved for me,” said Stöger about his social media activities. “Clearly, I read most of the comments, which continue to be relatively split; there are positive and negative Einträge. But right now it is trending toward individual critiques.“

It’s difficult to fully understand why public people don’t just block these sorts from their social media feeds, rather than getting annoyed by them to the point of feeling a need to take more-dramatic action than that. If you’re already reading the comments, you aren’t losing a lot more time clicking whatever button it takes to permanently exile that profile.

There is the possibility that it wouldn’t seem right for the a public figure to not have his channel open to all, though I’d argue that it is open to all until someone earns themself a permanent exit.

Whatever the case, Stöger is prepared to go nuclear and without a second warning.

„I am not one to announce something five times before I act. I can close the site at a moment’s notice.”

Considering he is much more prominent in communicating directly with fans via Facebook than most of his peers, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the coach to no longer offer thoughts in such a forum.

Then again, because we’ve had a season-plus of his regular greetings, always greeting readers with “Mahlzeit,” it would be a shame for the rest of us to pay for the small-mindedness of others who look at the open forum as a way for them to either express their ideas as a under-appreciated sporting director, or simply to be rude because some people were simply not raised any better.

Is this the first sign that the overwhelming pressure that can be leveraged on the coach of this club by both media and fans has grown beyond what Herr Stöger is willing to manage?

Doubtful. Stöger’s demeanor in press conferences and along the touchline show that his, “Look, play nice or I kill this thing” warning is likely about as emotional as he’ll be about it, which sucks because it’ll be a some insignificant portion of the 77,000 Facebook Stöger followers who get the party busted for the majority, just as it’s a small collective of half-wits that bring to the club and its fans a stigma of violent conflict at derby matches.

It is NOT our fault your mother’s did not raise you better, so knock it off!

Coach, please do not cut us off. Your posts bring a certain amount of joy that does not come with your poker-faced delivery at the press conferences. I, for one, would be sad to see you go, but I know I am far from alone.

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