SPILLDAACH! Live Commentary for 1. FC Köln Game

First, happy game day (a.k.a. Spilldaach or Spieltag) all you lovely Derbysieger out there. How you feeling? Great? Well, that’s great!

Now, down to the business of our English-week match.

Planet Effzeh is very happy to invite you to join Randall (American Geissbock) and Axel (Der 4. Offizielle) for a special simulcast of live game commentary during Tuesday’s match between 1. FC Köln and Hertha BSC.

We believe this will be the first-ever broadcast of live commentary during an 1. FC Köln match conducted by an American and a German fan of the club, though we have no way to officially validate that. But since that also means that there is no way to prove otherwise, we’re going to claim it as a “first.”


The idea behind RabbleTV, which is the site through which our commentary will be broadcast, is that you can mute the sound of the game on your chosen viewing device (tv, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc) and listen instead to a Rabble-cast.

In the US, the effzeh match against Berlin has been scheduled for Fox Deportes, the Spanish-language station, which means that our Rabble-cast may be the only English-language game commentary available on the game whatsoever for audiences in the states.

And by English, what’s meant is American-accented English, something that is frustratingly rare to hear on SAWK-er broadcasts here in the United States. This does mean there will be a complete lack of earnest uses of some football cliches such as, “Pull their socks up,” “Open his account,” “Played a blinder,” “struck the woodwork,” “delicious/sumptuous ball,” and probably many others I’ve forgotten or never heard by benefit of not watching much non-German football/Fußball/soccer.

Disclaimer: While we intend to speak primarily in English, we also reserve the right to dabble in German, Denglish (Deutsch plus English mash-up), and maybe even some ridiculously American-accented Kölsch. Apologies in advance.

Additionally, the broadcast page features a comments section, through which you will be able to interact with Axel and Randall and become part of the game day. Send questions or comments and we’ll surely get to them.

If you’re going to be away from your computer, Rabble also offers apps for iPhone and Android devices, which will allow you to listen wherever you are.

Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to be watching the match to enjoy the broadcast. We’ll do our best to keep listeners up-to-speed with all the major game events, with the sort of insight you can expect from two very-biased effzeh fans trying to have a little fun.

Even better, if you have the capacity for time-shifting the game for later viewing, Rabble keeps broadcast archives, which will allow those interested to enjoy our commentary even if they’re unable to watch the game live.

This is certain to be the least-neutral, most-irreverent, and possibly quite ridiculous live game commentary in effzeh history.

Come join the fun on Tuesday at 20 CET/2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST.


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