Sixty-Six Years of Effzeh Football and All I Get is to Vote on a T-Shirt

February 13 will be for me, the last day I’ve forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife before it’s, “Oh no! It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve bought no gift!”

It will also be the 66th anniversary of the founding of the Erster Fußball Club Köln, and, to commemorate the occasion, the FC-FanShop is holding a vote on which fan-submitted t-shirt design will ultimately be printed and sold to the public.

The evil of outsourcing design efforts to get free creative work aside, it is a bit fun to see the seven finalists pared from over 100 submissions.

The voting is apparently taking place entirely on the FC-Fanshop Facebook page. The design photo which gets the most likes will, of course, be printed and sold, likely at a tidy little profit.

Now, Dear Poodle-Haired Rudi of Leverkusen, please do NOT purchase help from a third-world company who provides fake accounts to provide extra social-media fans for your personal favorite. Let’s keep it fair, okay? Besides, I’m sure the Bayer people would be happy to pay to print you one of each, if that would make you happy.

The rest of you, go vote for your favorite.

A bit busy with all the words I can’t read, but a classic look for a t-shirt.

Nice and simple. The green definitely makes it less plain, but not sure it has relevance.

I’m a sucker for the coat-of-arms, as well as for skyline. Solid t-shirt!

Again with the coat-of-arms, done bigger. Don’t love script at bottom.

This is maybe the most design-y of the bunch. I like the take on Hennes and the outline of the Dom. Someone tell me why we get the gold stars other than “because they look nice.”

I love the skyline being in there and LOVE the use of the FC-Hymne lyrics, but a big red “66” doesn’t resonate with me.

Theoretically, this would be my favorite, but I have a weird aversion to asymmetrical layouts. Otherwise, the more skyline, the better. Might like it more if it were just the skyline, without the badge and text opposite.


I wonder which one my wife would dig…

Honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!

What? Red and white! What’s more lovable than that?!

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  1. We geht the gold stars because of 1962, 1964 and 1978 😀

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