Saturday Test Match to be Streamed Live by FC-TV

Your summer break is coming to an early halt, effzeh fans!

No need to wait until the opening-round of the DFB Pokal to knock the rust off your match-day rituals. The 1. FC Köln announced Friday that their test with GKS Tychy will be streamed live via FC-TV, beginning at 15:30 CET Saturday.

Despite having been relegated to Poland’s third division at the end of last season, GKS will host the FC before a sold-out crowd of more than 15,000 as the match will be the debut of newly build stadium and the club’s new home Stadion Miejski Tychy.

As was reported at American Geissbock last season, the club make FC-TV a membership benefit, meaning that it no longer costs money, but that you also cannot purchase a subscription without becoming a member of the club, as you once could. Additionally, for access to match content (replays & highlights packages) members must pay €18 per year (or €1.5 per month) due to rights restrictions by content-license holders.

The bad news, ultimately, is that if you’re not yet a member, you likely will not be able to watch the match tomorrow, instead relegated to following via social-media streams and any of the various live tickers bound to be presented by media outlets.

Unfortunately, becoming a member of the club from outside Germany is not as simple as one would hope it would be, especially when it comes to the financial transaction. Hopefully, the club will soon address this issue as it further embraces the growth of its international profile to help keep pace with the bigger German clubs who’ve gotten a head start in worldwide-marketing efforts.

If you are a member, however, set that alarm with the knowledge you won’t have to hunt down an illicit stream (not that any of us would ever have resorted to anything illegal to see our beloved club, right?). to see the boys in red and white take the next step in their summer preparations as August creeps ever nearer.

The two clubs faced each other in the first round of the 1976-77 UEFA Cup, with the effzeh having advance through a 3:1 aggregate victory.

Stadion Miejski Tychy awaits it's first guest: 1. FC Köln

Stadion Miejski Tychy awaits it’s first guest: 1. FC Köln

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