Post-Game Voices: Some Effzeh Quotes From the Derby Win

Players and personnel take time with the media after each match to answer questions. Here are some post-game quotes some of our derby heroes offered after downing Mönchengladbach 1:0.

heintz quote“Naturally, it feels outstanding. I think a derby win always is especially pleasing. That we already have ten points is, of course, even better. I believe that from the very beginning we were the more-active team and super-aggressive. Today, the entire team defended completely. I am very proud of the team. It was a lot of fun to play today.”

“We knew that Gladbach would definitely sit back a bit defensively, but that’s normal when a team has lost five times consecutively and you don’t have the self-confidence you would when you have a few wins. I believe we let the ball run well, were patient, and waited a lot time for one, and Tony was there again with his head and, of course, took care of it terrifically. I think we didn’t allow much today, as I’ve already said, and I’d say the entire team executed very well.”

“We have retrieved our self-confidence that was perhaps taken away a bit last week, but I think that is normal. Now we can again take something positive with us. We have nothing to lose on Tuesday. If we stick ourselves in there exactly as we did today, I think there will be something for us to take with us from Berlin.

– Dominique Heintz

leo quote“I don’t know because I’m new. For me, it’s my first game and my first win. I thought it was great. A classic derby win feels even better, but we also needed the points. We worked with such focus this week, and then you could just see us turn it around. It wasn’t easy because we made brutal mistakes, and to bounce back from a six-to-two is not so simple, but then the team showed character. Compliments to the entire team on how we played today. We didn’t allow too much in the back end, and up front we reacted effectively. ”

“We had to have patience. The Gladbacher also needed to have patience. It was a tactically intense match, a good game from both sides. I think the coach from Gladbach offers a lot in that capacity, as does our coach. They positioned both teams well, which is why it was difficult for either side to create big chances, but ultimately the one opportunity we had was effective. I’m happy that we won and got the points. It’s also good to start English week with a win. ”

– Leonardo Bittencourt

risse quote“I believe it was not really pretty to watch, the game itself, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because we decided the game 1:0 for us and have finally, after an everlasting amount of time, a home victory against the Gladbacher.”

“I believe both teams set themselves very compact. There weren’t all too many opportunities for goals out there. In the second half, I think it was a little bit better from both teams, a bit more open. I believe you could see that we wanted to somehow fight for victory, even though, play-wise, things weren’t going as well as we had imagined. ”

-Marcel Risse

coach quote“It was an intense game. A difficult game. We again found our compactness. The play up front was not optimal. An opponent with no points is a desperate opponent. That’s not so easy. What has been fun is seeing the joy of the guys in the locker room; that is nice. They realize they’ve achieved something important for the club and also for themselves that we, after seven years, have won against Gladbach and that we have the three points. That’s important.”

“We are very happy that we won. That does us good.”

– Peter Stöger

“We have won the Rhine derby! I am very proud of having been able to take part in the Rhine Derby. The atmosphere is fantastic! We continue to play!”

– Pawel Olkowski (from Facebook)







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