Photo chat with a (THE!) billy goat? 1. FC Köln joins Snapchat!

Between Twitter hashtag “#effzeh” and FC-Connect, the 1. FC Köln has shown itself to be one of the Bundesliga leaders in adapting to the world of social media.

Today, the club continues its expanse into that world with the launch of a Snapchat account.

For the uninitiated, Snapchat is a mobile application through which users can send pictures and videos (called “snaps”) to their “friends,” which are available for viewing on each recipient’s device for only a limited amount of time, as set by the sender.

In addition to being able to add text and graphics to the pictures and videos, users can piece together a collection of these “snaps” to create a “story.”

The club’s first message through the service is a story, which starts with a brief video of Leonardo Bittencourt and Milos Jojic before moving to a collection of still shots. Marcel Risse and Anthony Modeste (and his mobile phone) also make video appearances, but perhaps the highlight for many will be the picture of Kevin McKenna, decorated with a graphic declaring “#legende,” which is fitting of the recently retired Canadian defender.

Of course, in the time you can read about all these “snaps” and imagine them in your head, you could download the mobile app, follow the club, and see them all for yourself at your leisure . . . but do it soon, as the first story will be available for view for only so long.

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