Pay up, chump! Timo Horn makes Parliament see Rut (un Wiess)

There once was a politician named Mahmut Özdemir.

Mr. Özdemir is a young man, who happens to hail from Duisburg, making him, at least politically, a fan of the city’s biggest football club, MSV Duisburg.

Mr. Özdemir also happens to work, among his duties in Parliament, on a Committee for Internal Affairs with a politician named Wolfgang Bosbach.

Mr. Bosbach happens to be a fan of 1. FC Köln.

You may have heard the two clubs mentioned above met last week in the second round of the DFB Cup tournament, with the 1. FC Köln advancing on penalties.

As politicians often do, these two men had placed a wager on the outcome of the match, which is why Mr. Özdemir wore a beautiful red 1. FC Köln jersey to a session of the aforementioned committee.

The winner’s statement?

“My colleague, with his tip, crossed the border from courage to arrogance,” said Bosbach, clearly enjoying the spoils of victory. “Thanks to Timo Horn, I am not wearing an MSV jersey.”

Better luck next time, Özdemir, unless you are unfortunate enough to again draw the mighty Effzeh!

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