Oh, How I Wish I Were There!

I miss a lot by not living in Germany or even somewhere else in Europe.

This should be obvious by nature, but it is something I feel more intensely this week due to daydreams of being able to have taken time off work to spend an extended weekend in Hamburg to experience a pair of 1. FC Köln matches in a span of days, covering two competitions.

There were plenty of reasons to be disappointed in the draw of the third round of the DFB Pokal. Yet another away match in the cup against a Bundesliga side, rather than getting one of them on home turf, would likely rank as the predominant.

The people not bummed, though, were those who saw a Friday league match against St. Pauli and a Tuesday cup match against Hamburg and thought, “ROAD TRIP!”

I want to believe that’s precisely what I’d have done, were I living a bit closer.

This post by @ki1ino returned to my mind another lingering fantasy I have with regards to relocating to Germany.


A European tour? Following the Effzeh wherever the Europa League would take them?

Disregard the massive improbability of Köln plowing through four more opponents in cup play to gain the opportunity to play their way into Europe next summer, because the fantasy of it is worth the suspension of belief.

I’d find that incredibly awesome.

I am a big of a geography and sociology nerd, it turns out. One of my favorite things about my ever-expanding interest in “the beautiful game” has been using league tables to learn some things.

The summer day I found a stream showing a match from Iceland featuring Thor Akureyri really exemplifies just how nerdy I can be about it, too. You couldn’t help but notice just how light it was outdoors despite the local hour. Nor could you ignore that people not playing football were dressed for slightly chilly weather in the middle of summer.

That doesn’t make you want to go to the northern part of Iceland? Really?!

From there, it’s a short drive to Wikipedia’s page on Akureyri, where you can learn about the “subpolar oceanic climate” that keeps everything fairly reasonable in winter, despite being so far north.

May not be what many would call “fun,” but I really like it. Using matches and grounds as an excuse to visit some less-visited cities just hits all sort of fantastical notes for me. If only I played lottery, I’d have dreams of winning it to fund crazy football-based travel.

But don’t get me wrong; my primary interest would lie in attending some significant percentage of 1. FC Köln matches, both home and away. Taking in some Icelandic Cup matches while making way around a country I find fascinating would be something else entirely.

I do love all the talk about special trains, the match day photos and videos, and all the other effzeh-centric social media chatter.

It just makes me slightly sad at the distance between my keyboard and a stadium currywurst.

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