More test matches to help pass the summer doldrums

Not fair, Kitzbühel! Stop looking so awesome!

Kitzbühel! Kitbühel! Wir fahren nach Kitzbühel!

Somehow, singing about travelling to a quaint Austrian alpine village for more pre-season training doesn’t quite get it done in the way thoughts of Berlin do.

It’s certainly not that I wouldn’t have a grand time visiting Kitzbühel. The photos look quite lovely. I don’t do the thing where people strap planks to their feet and hurtle themselves downhill toward trees and rocks and cold, but I would check out the scenery and head indoors for a beer or two. Even better, of course, is if the Effzeh is nearby. I mean, if I need to fill some time, you could do worse than some friendly matches.

The second camp gets going on Wednesday (i.e. tomorrow). The Billy Goats will come down from the mountain Saturday to give FC Ingolstadt a run on their last league-less weekend. Then it’s back to the higher elevation of camp to meet Austrian second-division side FC Wacker Innsbruck two days later.

Maybe Innsbruck’s efforts were hindered by too many huge sponsor logos.

Innsbruck started their 2013-14 campaign last weekend, dropping a 2:0 to SV Mattersburg. Innsbruck is also trying to get back to the first division after being relegated last season. I didn’t already know this; I looked it up, because that’s how my football curiosity works. One of the stories on the club’s website is titled “A new league is like a new life,” which isn’t too far from some of the lyrics of the club hymn, oder?

But then, before packing up and heading home, the 1. FC Köln will travel on Thursday the 31st to Kitzbühel’s slightly larger neighbor to the west, Schwaz, to meet six-time Turkish champion (though not since 1984) Trabzonspor. I don’t know much about Turkish football, but I know Trabzonspor is somewhat a tradition-filled club in its homeland. I’d have to believe the coach will run his strongest line-up onto the pitch for that match, as it’s likely to be the closest thing the club will see to Bundesliga-level competition until the competition is actually Bundesliga-level (no offense to FCI 0r Wacker, of course, but y’all ain’t it).

Trabzonspor’s colors are eye-catching. Bonus points for using cute child in their promotional material.


Edited: I just read that the Trabzonspor friendly will be carried live by Sport1, if you will be in a position to watch it.

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