Milos Jojic entering the 1. FC Köln picture?

Perhaps by the time we American Billy Goats rise in the morning, things will be much more clear.

For now, we know that BILD is reporting that the Serbian midfielder and the 1. FC Köln have agreed on a four-year deal, leaving the last part of the equation the negotiation of a transfer fee going to Borussia Dortmund (BILD reports it to be at 2 million Euro). One would have to imagine the two clubs can come to an agreement fairly easily. Jojic seemed to fall from Jürgen Klopp’s favor last season. logging just 515 minutes in ten appearances, nine of which were in the first 13 match days of the season.

“Over the summer break, I was able to establish myself in the team,” said Jojic in a recent interview at “As things didn’t go well at the beginning of the Bundesliga, I was take out and sat either on the bench or in the stands. I alway gave it my all in training to earn another chance. I never got it. How so? No idea. Jürgen Klopp never discussed it with me.”

Jojic descibes himself as being ideally a central midfielder, from which spot he can bolt goal-ward to create danger. Assuming he can execute on such promise, he’d be an ideal fit for a club that struggled mightily to transition from stout defense to potent offense largely due to inefficient play in the midfield. Naturally, Köln will be a new environment for the player, allowing him to start fresh. Also, I think it’s safe to say that Klopp’s footballing philosophies (was there actually more than one, now that I think on it?) differs somewhat from that of our Peter Stöger.

As a bonus, Jojic would be playing behind some combination of Yuya Osako, Anthony Modeste, and Philipp Hosiner. Osako finished last season very strongly after struggling early, especially when being asked to play out of position. Modeste, somewhat like Jojic, seemed to become an afterthought at his former club, finding his playing time marginalized at Hoffenheim after being somewhat of a sensation the season prior. Hosiner was simply an offensive dynamo for Stöger at FK Wien.

At just 23 years of age, it’s a fine career juncture at which to acquire a guy who showed enough talent to catch the eye of one of Germany’s biggest clubs. He will certainly have a bit more room to emerge as a legitimate Bundesliga player than he did at the BVB, if only due to the difference in expectations (not of us fans, though . . . we’re always going on a Europapokal!).

The BILD report says Jörg Schmadtke travelled to the Czech Republic to catch Jojic as he played for Serbia in the U21 European Championships and to discuss his potential future as EffZeh.

As for our deadpan coach, BILD quotes him as saying, “Should we be able to yet add in the area of creativity, it would naturally help us.”

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