Let it Bleat – 4 January 2018

Bleating/repeating (in English) news found elsewhere so you don’t have to learn German or even employ your Google Translate skills.

  • Jonas Hector 
  • Do you actually need anything else? I said, JONAS HECTOR!

Official News (aka ‘what the club wants you to know’)

Jonas Hector Fussballgott

I like Jonas Hector a lot. I like him so much, in fact, that I half expect the current FC board of directors to fire him.

Of course, he is so great that his greatness is evident even to those in charge. He should not be touched, and I will miss him when he goes.

No drama to report today, leaving opportunity for a brief interview with the FC’s German international. I had an idea to do a video of me interviewing Hector (played by me with a head-on-stick), but after fighting with my printer for nearly an hour, scrapped the project before it could even come close to failing at the video stage.

Because it was an in-house interview, Hector faced only softballs about his injury rehab, prospects for playing soon, and the ubiquitous query about the chances of pulling off the second-half salvation.

“During the break, I naturally worked on my physical conditioning,” said Hector. “I believe I am well prepared, at least when it comes to running. When the ball and opposing players arrive, it is a different matter. I have a good feeling, though. We’ll have to see how it goes once I have fully trained.”

With the season restart rapidly coming, the FC would love to get one of their best talents and team leaders back on the pitch for as many of the remaining 17 matches as possible. Whatever chances the team has of achieving the mammoth second half that would keep them in the Bundesliga will be only increased with the presence of Hector.

“Everyone knows it will be very, very difficult. We also know, though, that with a very good Rückrunde that something is still possible,” says Hector. “It’s important that we all remain healthy.”

Found Elsewhere . . . 

Instagram Greetings from Post-Op Leo Bittencourt 

In short, Leo says he’s gotten through everything okay, goes home Friday, and then has a lot of hard work ahead of him to get back onto the pitch. Also, thanks for the well-wishes.

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