Kevin Vogt Leaves FC Augsburg to Join the Effzeh Party

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Looks like I may need to rewatch some FC Augsburg games from last season.

Kevin Vogt, who featured regularly in Markus Weinzierl’s defensive strategies throughout last season’s run to the brink of European competition, is bringing his talents to Müngersdorfer for the 1. FC Köln’s glorious return to Bundesliga football.

“I am very happy that it came together with the transfer,” said Vogt in the announcement of his move to Köln on the club site. “In the coming years, I really want to contribute to the 1.FC Köln establishing itself in the Bundesliga.”

I admit that I enjoyed watching FCA this season, but not as much for the defensive brilliance of Vogt as for the fly-down-the-flanks attacking styles of Tobias Werner and Andre Hahn.

I no longer like Hahn, of course, because he’s joined Borussia Mönchengladbach.

I still want to like Werner, but worry he’ll be a pain in the butt for two matches this coming season.

Then again, the way FCA’s roster has been raided so far, Augsburg could be facing a season not unlike what SC Freiburg suffered in 2013-14. They will not also have to juggle Europa League with a rebuilding squad, but they will definitely take a step back, personnel-wise.

Vogt appeared in 28 Bundesliga matches for Augsburg last season, becoming a regular starter after serving as a substitute early in the season. His only goal of the season came after entering the match against 1. FC Nürnberg as a late substitute (go to 1:27 if you wish to skip directly to the goal).

Vogt also played from the start in all three DFB Cup matches. Augsburg held both RB Leipzig and Preussen Münster scoreless in those first two victories before bowing out to eventual cup winners FC Bayern München.

I won’t pretend to have great insight as to how big a signing this is for the FC. Vogt is just 22-years-old, which means we are getting both deeper and younger at defensive mid. While Matze Lehmann had a great season, he has reached his 30’s. A pairing of Vogt and Yannick Gerhardt in front of the back line could be a solid move for the future.

What I know for sure, though, is that Vogt was a regular player for a team that was easily one of the success stories of the Bundesliga season. That definitely counts for something, even if only that he will currently be the player on the roster with the most-recent top-flight experience. But I cannot really speak to his overall abilities, much less what he might turn out to be for the club.

I’ll leave that to the professionals.

„Kevin Vogt is a determined young German player with huge potential for development, who has impressively demonstrated his Bundeliga quiality,” is how Jörg Schmadtke announced his new acquisition. “He fits well with our team both in footballing terms and in temperament; and we are very happy that he decided on the 1.FC Köln.”

The move from FC Augsburg to the Effzeh comes as Vogt was entering the final year of his deal with his now-former club. Vogt signed a three-year deal with the FC as part of the transfer. Financial details of the move and contract were not disclosed.

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