Kevin Großkreutz’s fondness of the EffZeh draws ire of ‘Gladbachers

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Echte Fründe ston zesamme! #freunde #aha #isso

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. . . meanwhile, at Borussia Park . . .

Borussia Dortmund’s utility man (and World Champion) Kevin Großkretz is openly a fan of the 1. FC Köln. Shortly before Köln collected their first home victory of the season last fall at the expense of the BVB, Großkreutz spoke of his relationship with the club as being “strong” and referring to himself as a “fan.” He even went so far as to say that, should he ever find himself in need of a new home for his footballing career, that “Köln would always be an option. His Instagram account features a few images of him attending matches at Müngersdorf in the company of Germany teammate Lukas Podolski.

His fondness for our club is fairly public.

All this would already put him on the wrong side of the affections of Borussia Mönchengladbach fans. Add his connection to the “Boyz,” as represented by a picture from his Instagram feed in which he is wearing a hooded sweatshirt of the 1. FC Köln ultras group that was charged as responsible for the negative scenes in the most-recent edition of the derby between the two clubs, and you might say that some of the Mönchengladbach might really find themselves fostering a strong dislike for the man.

Some of those people might, in preparation for Dortmund’s visit to Borussia Park last Saturday, even have been moved to conceive and execute a big banner directing a bit of a pot-shot at Großkreutz.

Like you do . . .

The banner greeting Großkreutz with what maybe could have been an honest question?

Loosely translated, the provocation reads “Hey Kevin: Do you ball your fists just for the pose, or can you also stimulate your ‘Boyz’ with it?”

As George Takei might say, “Oh my!”

Großkreutz declined discussing the matter with the fans who barked at him from behind their banner, but did take to his Instagram account to lodge his response.

“You can insult me all you want! Friends are friends . . . and you stick with them  . . . and the Kölners will always be friends of mine . . . (hashtag salad)”

Certainly, some of the back-and-forth fondness stems from an established “fan-friendship” between groups from the two clubs. Even so, Großkreutz continually endears himself to Planet EffZeh through his Instagram account by sharing pics from his visits. His post intended for some fans of die Fohlen hints at a song from Karneval favorite “De Höhner” called “Echte Freunde,” the lyrics of which sing of the trials and tribulations “True Friends” will endure for one another, all in the semi-impenetrable Kölsch dialect, of course.

Though nothing in the song specifically covers banners asserting that one might be offering sexual favors to a group of rival ultras, I think there is a blanket acceptance implied.

We are with you Kevin . . . Fischkreutz . . . and certainly there isn’t anything fans of the Ponies can say that will change that.

If you someday put that jersey on, though, we may have to talk.

For now, we’re happy to call you a “friend” of the 1. FC Köln and hope Sunday’s ridiculously entertaining victory over Hoffenheim took a bit of the sting out of your side’s loss.

We got your back!

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