Jonas & Me: Living the Dream

I can’t say for sure, but I doubt that when I met Jonas Hector at the 2015 Florida Cup that he was thinking of his future with the German national team, much less that he might in 18 months deliver the Euro 2016 semifinal-clinching penalty kick past a diving Gigi Buffon.

I can say for certain that I was not thinking that I’d be taking a stab at launching a website covering the 1. FC Köln in English, with hopes that I’d turn an effort at comprehensive coverage into a full-time job for myself.

At the time, with Bundesliga about to get its broadest-ever reach into the US market via Fox, you might have wagered it would be more likely that I’d be a full-time English-language Bundesliga analyst than it would be the some small-town kid who was decidedly never a product of the vaunted German youth-development system would become a national hero in France.

While my own football-writing career has has some modest wins in the last few years, it cannot compare to what “Schlaubi” (Brainy Smurf’s German name is also, apparently, a Jonas Hector nickname, though I’ll continue to refer to him as “Jonas Hector Fußball God” or JHFG for short.) has done since he graciously mugged with some goofy middle-aged American in Orlando for one of the obligatory “selfie.”

I believe Planet Effzeh was a good idea, though maybe not a great one. It definitely suffered from my being unable to do everything I wanted to do, as well as from a lack of focus due to attempting to execute so much and more. Even so, while I’d stopped publishing on American Geissbock, people continued to find and read it. In fact, my old blog outperformed the shiny new site almost 2-to-1 with only a fraction of the content.

Hence, I’ve decided to put aside the Don Quixote-level schemes of Planet Effzeh to return to where it all started (though with a new, shorter domain name, sans the “wordpress”). I will deliver exactly as much content as I can, but instead of trying to just get as much news as possible, I’m going to go back to writing “blog-style” articles, meaning it’ll be my voice delivering my thoughts on whatever topics I choose. I’ll try to keep giving English-language updates on Twitter, but the articles are going back to the old-style pieces for the time being.

For now, I’m just going to get back to the writing, which was what I enjoyed in the first place. I’ll tinker with the site to make it pretty and organized, but it won’t be my focus.

And then? I guess we shall see. As JHFG himself has proven, there is more than one route to effzeh glory.


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