Join American Geissbock For American-English Call of Effzeh-Ingolstadt

The Effzeh will host FC Ingolstadt under the “Friday Night Lights” to get match day seven underway.

Because both of my sons will be at school during the lunchtime PST game, the time is right for another RabbleTV simulcast of live commentary to accompany your viewing of the battle between the two most-recent champions of the 2. Bundesliga.

In case you missed it, I teamed with Axel of Der 4. Offizielle, for a special tag-team commentary of the Hertha BSC match Tuesday, which can still be heard via archive on the original event page at

Because Friday night in Köln is a good time and place to not be stuck in front of a computer talking to an American effzeh fan nine time zones away, the Randall-and-Axel show will be on hiatus for this broadcast, leaving the American Geissbock to go solo.

Due to feedback given Tuesday, I promise to attempt to be conscious of trying to give more play-by-play descriptions of game action, as some listeners invariably are unable to actually watch the game while listening and are depending on this for their game updates. But, then, I must also warn . . . I can’t promise I’ll be any good at that.

What I can promise is that I’ll provide as much insight as I can about what I’m seeing in the match as an effzeh devotee, while trying also to make it informative, interesting, and fun.

Mostly fun, otherwise, why would I do this?

You want to hear a relatively neutral call by a clearly British (and hence, authoratative) voice with your Friday Bundesliga match? Fox Soccer Plus will bring that to you with pretty much every match this season, along with all the cliches they seem to have learned from the same source.

But if you’re interested in hearing a completely biased and irreverent take on a football broadcast delivered with an American (by way of Michigan) accent, all from the point of view of someone who grew up ignoring the sport, but then learned to love and appreciate it through the German, not the English, game and league, mute the sound being sent with your video and give my RabbleTV-cast a try.

For more information on RabbleTV and links to download mobile apps for listening while on-the-go, more can be found both at Planet Effzeh’s announcement of the prior broadcast as well as at the RabbleTV site, itself.

Whether you just listen for background noise while you work on something else, or you listen intently and engage with me through the comments section on the event page, I hope to be talking at you during the match Friday.

Until then . . . COME ON EFFZEH!

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