If Ever I Needed You…Call for an FC Köln Victory

Dear Stani and crew,

I know you’re all already out on the pitch warming up in preparation for today’s home match against the red devils of Kaiserslautern, but I have to quickly throw out a plea for your help in some sports psyche recovery.

See, as an American sports fan, I have some divided loyalty in my sports attentions. Currently, my long love of a baseball team is in the midst of a best-of-seven championship series. Unfortunately, those Detroit Tigers, whom I’ve followed for as long as I can remember being alive, managed to fall behind 2-0 in the series to the San Francisco Giants, through some spectacularly poor play.

To put it in terms you may more closely identify with, the first two efforts by the Tigers were somewhat like the game at Aue and the game at Braunschweig. Both were on the road and both were losses.

The first game saw the opposition score too frequently and easily in a game pretty much everyone was sure would be a near-shutout for the Tigers.

The second game was better defensively, but the offense was completely muted.

Now the Tigers will need to win four of the last five games to win a championship or suffer all winter wondering what might have been.

Obviously, the fortunes of the club on the Rhine are not nearly so dire as that of the one in the Motor City right now. Rather, it’s my own situation that calls for rescue.

Simply, I can’t take a loss today. I just can’t!

Of course, you’re going to do everything you can to win today to continue putting space between yourselves and the relegation zone as well as the memory of the early-season sense of alarm, rather than to keep me from having yet another failing day as a sports fan.

Of course, none of you are ever going to read this either, much less before the match about to begin.

Hence, I throw this missive into the cosmos as a plea for mercy from the sports gods, whomever they may be.

Your humble servant,


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