Fortunate Friday: Will Köln take advantage?

I think we can all agree that the three matches Friday went about as well as we could have hoped, oder?

Initially, I agreed with the notion that we should be hoping for FSV Frankfurt, SV Sandhausen, and Arminia Bielefeld all to win, but the draw between FSV and Greuther Fürth probably is the better result. I am not convinced Fürth is quite the juggernaut their early returns would indicate; nor am I certain FSV isn’t a promotion thread despite dropping all six points their first two matches. Hence, a draw works just as well for me.

The Creamsicle kit gives me flashbacks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of my youth.

Truly, though, can Wolfgang Hesl really make up for that defense? I had hoped Peter Stöger would take a more-aggressive approach to the match in Fürth last week and expose them a bit. I suppose what got exposed is the lack of punch up front for our own squad. Eh…

Even more thrilling than the result of 1860 München loss at home to Sandhausen has to be that they looked so poor while doing it. 1860 is pencilled in every season as a potential promotion candidate, and every season they show exactly why you write it only in pencil. No doubt Sandhausen plays with an entirely new spirit this season but, let’s face it, the talent level there was designed to challenge in the third league! Things happen, but you’d have to think a club meant to challenge for a top-two spot, even in a match scheduled at a time that prevents the best fan turnout you could hope for, MUST do better at home against a club like SV Sandhausen, right?

Of course, about halftime two weeks ago, I was starting to genuinely fear 1. FC Köln was going to find a way to lose to SVS at home, too. The difference would have been, though, that Effzeh was largely dominating that match. Sandhausen definitely earned their upset victory in München.

Then, Fortuna surrenders four to Arminia? I have to admit, I indulged in a wee bit of schadenfreude with that one. I haven’t been around long enough to have the feelings toward Fortuna Düsseldorf that come with rivalry, but I’m catching up quickly, thanks to some of the interactions with Fortuna fans in the last few weeks. So, when they get smoked like that, I find myself enjoying it a little bit.

Now after all of that, I’m looking at Union:St. Pauli and thinking how a draw in Berlin leaves a clear path for the Geißböcke to surge into second place in the table with a three-point effort at home against Erzgebirge Aue, another team I simply don’t believe to be as good as their early results. Those two results would mean our beloved club would fall no further than third at the end of the match day, which would be a pleasant surprise considering just one victory over the first five matches.

And it’s ALWAYS when you start watching the scoreboard, thinking how things are falling into place for your team that your team goes out and lays an egg, rather than siezes the moment.

Forgive me, I’m well-trained in the cynicism of being a fan from many, many years of obsessing over the Detroit Lions.

It’s been a tough go.

But the point remains. Whatever happens on eight other grounds, nothing will be as important as what happens at Mungersdorf. That the stage has been set for a slingshot into the top few slots can also serve to make a let-down of a performance hurt more than it otherwise would.

And wouldn’t it hurt just a wee bit more if somehow Kevin Pezzoni was somehow involved in an important play that cost the home side points?

See? I know how fate can turn the knife just the right way.

Last year, they played on my birthday and disappointed greatly with another 90 minutes featuring a genuine lack of ability to score and a home loss to Cottbus.

Sure…you’re disappointed, but was it YOUR birthday? Hmmm?!

This year, they somehow avoid my birthday, despite it falling on a Saturday. That’s zweite Liga for you, I suppose.

Still, I will consider it my birthday match of the season, so I’m hoping for a much more-exciting present than I got last year.

But, again, I’m used to disappointment, so…no pressure.

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  1. Thank you for doing this blog. Although born in Koln and having a Getman mother I never really learned the language. Among the many teams I follow Effzeh is always my only German team. Being in the 2nd Division they are a bit harder to follow, so this information is greatly appreciated.

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