FC = The Might of the Rhine . . . also in TV Ratings

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Today, Sonja Eich reports on pay-television ratings in Germany for Bundesliga clubs and informs us that the FC’s surge up the Bundesliga table was matched with a surge up the viewership tallies on Sky Sports this season.  (Click the link and scroll down to see ratings for all 17 Bundesliga clubs and the energy drink commercial from Leipzig).

It stands to reason that the more a club wins, the more viewership it will get on the television.  Casual fans and neutrals don’t necessarily go out of their way to catch battles between also-rans.  It also helps if your squad features one of the league’s hottest goal-scorers and plays in one of Germany’s largest cities.

Even so, it’s worth noting, even if only to be able to also mention that this season’s ratings are but one other measure by which the FC has surpassed our friends from east Holland: Borussia Mönchengladbach. Essentially, the ponies finished fourth and the FC ninth in the 2015-16 season. For the season just ended, the teams switched positions.  The FC finished fourth, behind champions Bayern München and the Reviewderby duo of Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04.

The positioning is only a relative measure, however.  The numbers showed a 12.7% drop in year-to-year viewership for our rivals.  Meanwhile, the FC’s viewership climbed by 14.7% over last year.

As it should be.

Now, naysayers and apologists MIGHT point out that the viewership numbers can be greatly impacted by the number of matches played in the time slots that do not have competitors from within the league.  The Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday matches generally outperform the Saturday afternoon matches when there are five being contested at the same time.

I’m sticking with the superiority of a club on the rise toward a return to steadfast prominence as the reason for the increase.

You are free to believe as you will.

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