FC Köln net six while blanking SSVg Velbert . . . but bring me the Bundesliga already!


Just so there is no confusion: I am definitely NOT saying I’d rather be watching my club in the 2.Bundesliga this coming season.

Yet, I’m now remembering how nice it was to be starting to watch games that matter a few weeks before the 18 Bundesliga sides followed suit and having a little bit of envy for the fans of the 2.Bundesliga sides. They are now just two weeks away from full-throttle, while we still have five more weeks of trying to work up some excitement over beating Oberliga sides in test matches.

On Thursday, the 1. FC Köln put six goals past Oberliga side SSVg Velbert (Oberliga) while conceding none. A 0:6 victory, even in a test match, is at least interesting, but probably the best part of the whole thing is that hated rival Borussia Mönchengladbach played the same side eleven days prior and failed to score at all, losing their first test match of the season 1:0.

While I’m certain there was some fairly enjoyable social-media pointing-out of these two results by effzeh fans for the BMG fans who may have forgotten they’d lost to Velbert and/or were unaware their rivals decisively beat the same team. I’d also bet that the reason I didn’t see too much chuckling about it is because we all know how little to stake on these preparatory test matches. As much as I’d have enjoyed being among the reported 1800 spectators, none of the reasons for it would revolve around the actual match-up itself, nor any anticipation of an enthralling watch. I expect the Billy Goats to score a few and surrender fewer in these matches, and, even if it that’s not how it goes, who cares?

No offense to the folks at Velbert, of course. I’m certain they, too, know the deal. This ain’t no first-round DFB Cup match.

(The line-up . . . rather than me typing it out, plus, “Look! A picture!)

That said, the scoring got started from the penalty spot in the 20th minute, with Miso Brecko delivering from the penalty spot. As I was able to follow the match only through the semi-irregular tweeted updates from @FCKoeln_live, I don’t know what happened to get a penalty kick. But we got one, and the captain turned it into a goal.

A minute later, Andre Wallenborn made it 0:2 and the glorified training session was in full swing. Yannick Gerhardt got two goals, Bard Finne one, and the remaining tally came from Slawomir Peszko, who was said to have provided service in the three first-half goals that did not come from the spot, including a chipped pass the Effzeh ticker folk implied would be worth seeing, should the video ever surface.

Also some video you’ll want to keep an eye out for would be the first reported chance of the match, which came off Matthias Lehmann’s bicycle-kick effort. THIS I really want to see.

So, there’s the goals, the production of Peszko, a clean sheet for Thomas Kessler, and a jog in the park for several other players. That is about all I know beyond the score.

Well, the score, and the fact that knowing this match was taking place has me much more on-edge awaiting the season to arrive than did the entirety of the World Cup. Seeing updates of the men in rut un wiess, simply triggers the football thing more strongly than all the fun I had seeing the USA do surprisingly well and enjoying every moment of Germany’s title run. I’m a club-football guy, and my club is actually preparing for the season.

For another LONG five weeks . . .

P.S. The match day two trip to VfB Stuttgart is the day before my birthday. Can I get an early request in for three points? Vielen Dank!


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