Expanding beyond German: 1. FC Köln now tweeting and facebooking in English

Keep in mind that it’s just the first baby step.

Also keep in mind, however, that it is a first baby step in a very important direction.

While the American-based portion of the 1. FC Köln English-speaking fan base slept, the club launched their official English-language channels on both Twitter and Facebook during CET business hours Thursday.

The first order of business is to build a follower base, of course. Hence, a giveaway!

Don’t get too excited. If you’ve not already known about this and followed the account to be entered, it’s too late. Or, I assume it will be. I just checked and the follower count is up to 999. I expect it’ll be over the 1K mark by the time I hit “publish,” even though I don’t actually proofread these.

I have myriad thoughts about the development and what it means moving forward. I’m hopeful that it won’t be left to rot as a place for an occasional translation of a German tweet, but know it’ll also probably take some time for the club to figure out the best way to leverage the resource to reach goals . . . assuming there are actual goals and not just general “we probably should do that.”

Granted, I’m happy for it to exist, whatever the motivation, but my hope is for the 1. FC Köln to become one of the clubs casual soccer (yeah, I’m talking ‘Merikuh here, so “soccer” it is) fans can name when thinking of German football teams. Even achieving that in the next few years will have been an enormous step. Bayern and Dortmund may have a huge head start, but it’s still a bit Deadwood out here. Plenty of time for a new sheriff to ride in and get to regulatin’!

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