El Classico? No thanks.

I’m not saying I won’t watch it, but I’m not really that moved by “El Classico,” which is the nickname for the Real Madrid – FC Barcelona tie. Due to the piles of money thrown around by Real, people are pretty hyped about the coming editions of it. Someone was, hence, inspired to post an image of to remind folks of the names that will likely be on the pitch whenever the two sides meet. classicoDefinitely some big names, of course, on a pair of great sides.

But I have a different image in my head. joined I won’t pretend that this, or any other, edition of the Rhein-Derby can put together a collection of known names the way the La Liga duo will, but if you pay attention at all, you should at least suspect that if “El Classico” and the “Rhein-Derby” were happening at the same time, it would be a no-brainer for me as to which I’d watch, and that would mean all y’all Messi fans would have to find a different screen. You may also now have some idea of my image-editing skills. I’ll live with it. September 21 is the next edition of this rivalry. It will be my first since becoming a fan of the club. I cannot wait.

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