Effzeh auf English: News and Notes from 19. February

Were my day-to-day much different, I’d be posting stuff like this all the time, in an effort to make sure as much Effzeh news is available in English as possible. I hope that I’m not usually able to get to it isn’t a big let down for anyone!

That said, some items I read today. See you on the Twitter!

  • Over at Express, our man Peter Stöger refused to join in the revelry over 1. FC Kaiserslautern’s loss Monday in Aue, pointing out fairly coach-like that, rather than hope for others to fail so that his club will succeed, “we must do our work.”

    Which, if you think about it, is just about the only thing a coach can say if asked about any struggles of a co-competitor. 

    “If one wants to become champion, then one must constantly get points.”

    So, while I agree with him, I also had the same thoughts Dominic Maroh offered about it, which is “Despite the botched start, we have thereby not broken anything.”

    Similarly, Patrick Helmes is singing a measured tune with regard to Monday’s big battle with SpVgg Greuther Fürth.

    “The table looks considerably better,” said the man with the only Billy Goat goal in 2014. “Nevertheless the match against Fürth next week is just like any other because, even after that, we will not have mathematically secured promotion.”

    Using Jörg Schmadtke’s comment that, in the past, an average of two points earned per match has been enough to earn promotion to the Bundesliga, Express calculates the Effzeh can assure they’ll move up with eight victories and two draws from the remaining 13 matches. 

    I doubt Stöger would agree that those figures translate to the club having wiggle room enough to simply lose three matches.

  • Bruno Nascimento is again healthy enough to at least workout individually, which is what he did today for the first time since ankle surgery in January. The surgery and recovery meant Bruno was in Köln while off-season preparations took most everyone else to Turkey.

    That does not mean the lanky Brazilian was not in the hearts and minds of teammates, coaches, fans, etc. 

    (In case you missed it. . . )


    Bruno has appeared in just seven league matches so far this season, plus the DFB-Cup opener in Trier. The Effzeh lost NONE of those matches, yielding a total two goals in them!

    Okay, the defense has been great without him, too. It is a team effort, after all, but still . . . can’t wait to see you back to health, Senhor!

  • Considering I’m writing about a German football club in English and because I assume a fair number of the people who have interest in reading about this German football club in English might be located in the United Kingdom, it seems appropriate to announce the founding of and official 1. FC Köln fan club in the UK.

    Start by following them on Twitter here. Then, join the conversation. Effzeh fans are a very fun group, from my experience, which is unfortunately only through electronic media so far. 

    Besides, these folks have shown they clearly have great taste.

    You should also check in with Stuey, because Stuey is kind of the man. 

  • Today was Slawomir Peszko’s 29th birthday.

    You don’t look a day over 27, mate!

    Please leave your taxi cab jokes by the front door as you leave. Thank you.

    If you’ve not dropped him a birthday wish yet, I’m sure he’d still accept one.

  • Köln Sport magazine has an exclusive interview with Jonas Hector, part of which can be sampled on their site

    It is, of course, in German, but Google Translate can help give you an idea if you need it.

    It’s otherwise available on newsstands in and around Köln, which you likely already know if such information is remotely useful to you.

    Asked whether he thought being tapped for national team duty was a realistic goal for his ‘forseeable future,’ Hector responded, “The most important is the promotion with the FC. If we should achieve that, it is my goal to establish myself in the Bundesliga and consistently put forth good performances. Everything that may come after that, would be a bonus.”

    The sample ends with a nice bit about how Hector stuck with his home-town club a bit longer than many young footballers do, making the move away at the age of 20 rather than just jumping at early offers. Hector said he didn’t feel he was ready to make a move after a trial at VfL Bochum several years prior, which turned out to be fortuitous as “In hindsight, this path was perfect for me.”

    And we got a hopefully long-term answer at left back out of the deal. BOOM! Nicely done, Jonas!

  • They’re also running a drawing for a Karneval jersey. You’d need to email to gewinnspiel@koelnsport.de your tip for the result of Monday’s match. From the entries with the correct prediction, one will be drawn at random.

    I didn’t see anything about the contest being closed to those outside of Germany, so, for the cost of an email, what will it hurt to enter? Go for it! 

    Unless you mistakenly do not thing it’s a sweet jersey and don’t want it. But then you’re a fool. They are dope!

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