EFFZEH taking the new home kits to the Köln streets

A new video produced by the club shows 1. FC Köln players in full gear visiting with locals and otherwise having a good time at various destinations around the city, to create the “Kölsch-est Team Photos of All Time.”

The soundtrack is all music, which means your lack of German-language skills will not hinder your enjoyment of seeing the guys visit Köln’s world-famous cathedral (a.k.a. the Dom), which is paid tribute on this year’s home jerseys.

Just your average team-outing at the REWE

You’ll also see Anthony Modeste continue to make his bid for fan-favorite status, mugging for his own camera on the end of a ‘selfie stick’and playing keeper at the end of a grocery store aisle.

Perhaps the most-endearing element of the short video comes when it shows a few failed attempts at finishing headers into receptacles. With the recent trend of footballers working together to plunk a football into garbage bins, it seems appropriately effzeh to show here, instead, the misses and the laughter that follows.

Though, seeing Leonardo Bittencourt scooting around on a kids toy, maybe inadvertently being somewhat self-deprecating about his own stature, certainly also deserves a nod.

The video ends with graphics touting “THE NEW EFFZEH” and a reminder that the new home jerseys are available through club shops, both in real life and online.

And, of course, that our club remains “Spürbar Anders (Appreciably Different).”

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