Effzeh Retains their Man(fred)!

Manfred Schmid remains a big part of 1. FC Köln return to Bundesliga.

So, FK Austria Wien was hoping to retake Manfred Schmid from 1. FC Köln and make him their new head coach.

The Effzeh says “Nein!” to that, according to a post on the club website today.

Both Schmid and Peter Stöger, of course, arrived from Austria Wien last summer after leading the club to an Austrian Bundesliga title, replacing quitter Holger Stanislawski and his crew.

Still a bit annoyed with how that whole Stani-thing played out, despite the fact that it led to what is clearly a much-better situation for the club.

From the quotes given by Jörg Schmadtke, it’s not entirely clear that this was necessarily a decision arrived to by the club and Schmid, rather the inability of the two clubs failing to come to terms on what it would take to release the coach from his current deal.

“We have granted no release of Manfred Schmid. It’s exclusively out of respect for Manfred Schmid and because of our high esteem for him that we opened discussions. We are pleased that he continues to fulfill his contract with FC.”

Not exactly, “Hey, Manfred thought about it and decided he’d rather be an assistant with a first-division Bundesliga side that happens to throw the world’s best parties than return to his hometown as the head coach of the club where he spend most of his playing career and a good portion of his coaching career.”

But, until we hear from Schmid himself, we probably shouldn’t speculate too much as to how his way potentially having been barred will impact his psyche for the coming season, and, even once we do hear from Schmid, we can expect it to be a very measured and well-considered statement. Assuming he is learning from Stöger how to deal with the media and fans. it would be shocking if Schmid does not soon make public a very PR-savvy comment on the the decision.

Personally, I’d probably be a little upset and maybe unable to refrain from showing it.

Then again, I am not currently under contract (You hear me Maurice Sonneveld? I would be a free transfer!).

Ideally for Austria Wien, they will not have another vacancy at head coach by the time Schmid’s current deal expires next summer, unless it means the person they hire for the coming season leads them to another title and a tidy sum for releasing yet another successful coach from contract, at which point they’d have plenty of money to pay Schmid on a long-term deal.

That is assuming that the recent flirtations between Schmid and Austria Wien do not cause Schmadtke to immediately begin negotiating a contract extension for Schmid this summer. Such a move would definitely not be out of place.

For now, we can relax and/or celebrate that the club retains an important piece of the coaching staff, though further success will eventually mean Schmid will be a head coach somewhere.

And let us not worry about what happens if it turns out he needs to replace Stöger right here anytime soon.


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