Effzeh in English: Wednesday 10 December 2014

Bits and pieces from the day in Effzeh news.

Coach Chat

Peter Stöger was a guest at Wednesday night’s FC Stammtisch at Gaffel am Dom. Among topics discussed, according to ksta.de, were:

  • Hope that Patrick Helmes will return to the club.
  • The need for patience as the Effzeh fights to survive in the Bundesliga.

    If it were so easy to be calm and collected after just three months, then it wouldn’t be the best league in the world. The Bundesliga is just that, though.

  • That increasing offensive production is not as simple as some may think.

    Anyone who thinks that two strikers and two playmakers behind them guarantees offensive fireworks is mistaken. The creative game, those one-on-one situations, that is the hardest thing in football.

You can hear audio from the discussion at moderator Ralf Friedrichs’ site. Video will be made available at center.tv’s Mediathek.

Crisis-crisis or just a “results” crisis?

Hopefully, Matthias Lehmann is right in his assessment of the current state of the Effzeh.

“I doubt that it’s more than a results crisis,” the steadfast defensive midfielder told kicker, citing the strong first half performance against FC Augsburg.

Matze, of course, missed the match due to suspension for an accumulation of yellow cards. Stöger thinks the absence of one of his trusted veterans could have helped inform the team’s second-half stiffening, saying that “you realize how good some things are only once they go missing.”

When Lehmann returns Saturday at Schalke, his presence will have to be enough.

“I bring the most experience, but am not a fan of big psychological talks. I am certainly not going to start to yak at the guys. They should believe in themselves and not lose the fun from football, even if it is not going so well currently. After three losses in a row, you can’t open your mouth too widely. If we trust in our strengths, we are definitely in position to take something with us from Schalke.”

Making Spirits Bright

A club envoy visiting a local children’s hospital Wednesday, delivering gifts and smiles.

“This is one of the nicest dates of the year,” said Thomas Kessler. “It’s fun to see how the children are happy, and we hope it helps them to soon return to health.”

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